How to create a custom kismet node?

  • Hello all. For few days, i am with “hordy” advising trying to create a dummy custom node in my Chivalry UDK Editor.

    I have create a test gamemode by guide “Chivalry Giant Slayers creation guide” and it works greate in game.

    But i cant see this gamemode in UDK editor. I dont know why. I can see custom placeble actor, what i copy and rename. But cant see custom node in kismet, and custom gamemode in world info.

    There is my test mod.


    **Attention it is a *.rar file.

  • You need to add a mutator to your source files to load custom Kismet stuff.

    So just add this file to your codebase: CMWMutator_CustomMutator.uc
    Just containing: class CMWMutator_CustomMutator extends CMWMutator;

    After that you should be able to see the name of your custom gamemode in the editor to pick as your gametype and the custom Kismet nodes.

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