HordeTown Army of the Dead: Way too expensive.

  • Dear Torn Banner and SquireRamsalot, achieving the Army of the Darkness in HordeTown is a bit too impossible I think. 6666 gold? Come on you only get 10 per kill for the easy guys, and you have to spend 50 to heal. If you killed one enemy every minute (probably an underestimate on the time required due to the excessive running for your life you have to do after around Wave 10 or so), it would take you ELEVEN HOURS to get enough gold to get to the Army of Darkness stage.

    Granted, early on you can kill the easy guys pretty quickly, like maybe one every ten seconds, but once you get to around 100 enemies, most of your time is spent running. At that point you might be killing one guy every one, two or three minutes. And even when you find yourself with a one on one, those Giants take a good two minutes to kill unless you have them near the spikes or the ballista.

    The bottom line is that it’s a bit too unbalanced in favor of The Horde. Make it like 1000 instead. I know you want to use “666” because it’s an “evil” number, but 6666 != 666 anyway.

    Please consider this. Thank you.

    yes I know this isn’t something Torn Banner is likely to read this, nor is SquireRamsalot, but come on I have to vent XD

  • Agree tbh

    not to mention u have to buy weapons and armor upgrades

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