AttachToActor Server Replication

  • Hi,

    Corsario and I are developing a new map, Parodin, and we are adding a new feature, pillaging the city. This involves stealing some gold bags and taking them to a cart outside the city.

    To implement this system we are attaching the gold bags to the player, on the back specifically, but we are having some issues with the Kismet.

    The AttachToActor kismet node works correctly in the Editor (offline), the bags show on the back and move with the player, but when playing in the server the bags appear floating in the center of the player.

    Logging of the server shows some warnings:

    Warning: GetSocketWorldLocationAndRotation : Could not find socket ‘b_spine_D’ in 'MasonVanguardANIMRIG

    It seems that the socket, which exists in the SkeletalMesh of the player, is “not found” when playing on a server.

    Is there any known fix/workaround for this issue?

  • Encountered this same problem for a map I’m making with Zedhead. We found a workaround though.

    Spoiler: (It’s a Helmet)

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    Parodin has been out for a while im sure ? seeing as ive had it playing on my servers for almost a month or two now! Are you updating it or creating a new one with the same name ?

  • Hi Lilboots! Parodin has been out a few months already! I’ve posted this issue because we want to improve the “steal the gold” stage.

    @Phisi: Wow thats exactly what we want to get!! From the Helmet hint I assume you are using a mod? Or has it been implemented in the Kismet?


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