Javelin Fast Reload Trick

  • Every topic involving javelins are saying the same thing: reload time is too damn long, which gets you killed since you can’t block an incoming attack. However, on release day I tried goofing around with javelins, and found a workaround that makes you reload about 3x as fast. As soon as you throw a javelin, quickly switch to your secondary weapon and back again. Done. You reload and are able to block in about one second instead of three.

    TB, please, please PLEASE, don’t nerf this without thinking, or javelins will end up actually useless as a result of this post. I posted this despite the risk, because it pains me too much to see prospective javelin throwers give up in frustration because of it’s underpowered state. Also, I had to tell TB in case they were planning to buff javelins in ways other than reload speed; in that case, this trick would make them overpowered and that would be bad too.

  • Feels exploitative and unintuitive. Just nerf the dmg and return it to normal.

  • i can deal with long reload, what i hatre is that it takes 4 adys to raise my shield after throwing.

  • I thought I was the only one doing this.

  • @opticalshadow:

    i can deal with long reload, what i hatre is that it takes 4 adys to raise my shield after throwing.

    This trick solves that, in fact that’s mostly what it’s useful for. Sure you can spam throws faster too, but that makes you run out of ammo extremely fast.

  • @Strudel:

    Feels exploitative and unintuitive. Just nerf the dmg and return it to normal.

    Same trick was and is used by many people in multiplayer games as i.e counter strike, so its well known in this kind of games

  • Yea, for having to be close range for the javelins, you get punished for being solo. I’d like to see more reactive animations or something. I really like javelins, and the idea but they’re just not so reliable.

  • Unintentional “quirks” can really become something beloved by a community. As long as its balanced, I think it should be left in the game.

    SC2 is a game that has lost a lot of its “touch” since SC1 because these types of things are not in the game or haven’t been discovered yet. Such as using patrol on a vulture for an attack-move or stacking mutalisks using 1 overloard in the control group.

    Also already mentioned that is very similar is quick-scoping from counterstrike.

  • I think that quick switch technique it’s how javelins should work, and that the standard reload currently is broken.

    -It just too long especially for a semi-melee class and you can’t block, attack or sprint during it.
    -Often if you were hit during reload animation, it will start all over again, allowing for opponent to hit you a second time.
    -There is bug where sensitivity decrease(one that you have while ADS) will accumulate, so after some time you won’t be able to move your crosshair while aiming your javelin.
    -There is some glitchy crosshair movement when aiming and throwing javelin if you crouched.
    -There is no way to tell where is center of screen if you choose to turn off the crosshair.
    -There is no benefits from throwing javelin while sprinting besides increased spread.

    So i don’t see any reason not to use switch technique since all what opponent needs now it’s just rush you and keep you in infinite reload animation. If you miss or they block that javelin throw attempt - you are dead, even if you hit them(you can only 1HK other archers on body hit) you are probably dead too since they will catch you in that reload animation anyway. Only thing you can try to do after a throw(successfull or not) is try to run or try to pull out your side arm. For the first one they have that “chasing” mechanics, and for a second one they have longer reach and more damaging weapons.

  • Just chiming in to say one thing. I played Javelin for the first time earlier since I got access to the beta again and I was hugely disliking the unnecessary slow reloads.

  • The reloads are really too long. It feels sooooo lazy. However, I´d like to raise up my shild faster without a “workaround”! Is it usual, that leveling jevelin works only in mallee? Or is it a bug?

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