Using a very old config (2014)

  • Hi, I didn’t play for ages and wanted to use my old config but most of it doesn’t really work anymore (some binds work, others don’t, etc). Is there a way to at least copy the old input (keyboard and mouse) binds without a lot of time consuming work? I pretty much changed everything from the default settings so it would be cool if I wouldn’t have to do that from scratch (also I don’t remember all the keybinds I used anymore obviously).

  • I made an exec config which set my buttons up from console last year, if I find it on my other pc, I will paste it here.
    First it sets all the buttons at nothing, then your keys, after that, replacing any binds you have in error. The trick is
    to write down every button you use in Chivalry then head to notepad etc

  • How old a config are we talking? At some point the keybinds moved from UDKGame.ini into their own file (UDKPlayerInput.ini). So if you paste them from your old UDKGame into that one it should work…

  • Hey, they are from June 2014. So I just have to copy [AOC.AOCPlayerInput] in UDKGame.ini to the new ini file? I’ll try that, thanks.

  • It actually worked, thanks.
    Unfortunately I still get the same fps drops on the same maps and stuff that I hated back then is still not fixed (but I didn’t really expect that anyway) so I doubt I will be playing a lot.

  • Cool.

    Yeah, if only fixing FPS problems was that easy. -___-

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