Calling out the chivarly developers.

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    Yo guys, this is YOUR game. We all love it, but im personally getting tired of being treated like shit… Why don’t you care about the quality of the game you worked so hard on? You can do sooo much more with this game! idk how you PC guys feel, but here on Xbox we have gotten 1 fucking update since 2014. I sent a msg to a developer a few days ago, and still have not gotten a repsone. I highly doubt you developers want to leave your game to die… But it will be dead soon if you don’t start taking care of it!!! #consoleLivesMatter.

    Anyway I heard a lot about how you guys are all about the money, and that the console port is just a cash grab. However… even if that’s true IDC!!! I will gladly pay $$$ to see you take interest in the console version again. What will it take? A Monthly fee? A lump sum? Lmk, because if that’s what it takes to grab your attention I’m still game… It’s a win-win, you get your money, I get my content. Name your price, I’m sure there are others like me that want to see this game thrive… set up a “goFundMe” maybe

  • I’m not against you on this topic.
    But the Devs likely didn’t intend Chiv to be a “big” thing on the console. And honestly it’s not that big on the console. Sadly, There just isn’t enough people who actively play to warrant more content or a big update. It’s an arcade game afterall, We’re not talking about call of duty here. When we started playing we regrettably set the bar too high. Frankly, it was alway meant to be a PC game, Like “every” valve game. we should be grateful we even have chivalry and move on.
    The Devs aren’t lazy or selfish. A big update won’t make TB any money, So it’s not worth it, I suspect.

    I think the Devs can agree with me here.

  • You can call them out all you want, they really don’t give a rabbits dinner about you lot, let alone ever answer emails.
    Why don’t you get along to the TB studio mr Firefly , grap Oy and a few Canadian pissed off gamers and go face to face
    them. I was actually due over but decided running some office for a colleague was not worth my time.

  • Ya, the console port is not very well done. It was cool at first but it hasn’t gotten any patches or content updates in 2 months

  • I’m waiting for a Chivalry 2 miracle.

  • TB had pretty much nothing to do with the console port lol.

    They gave Activision the keys on that one. Blame them.

  • Good luck. PC players went through something similar in 2013. Keep posting, maybe they’ll address the issues.

    They put a Deadliest Warrior patch in beta 4 months ago and just recently were like, nah jk that isn’t happening. I think it’s likely you wont see any changes until they announce/release their new project. Which I guess isn’t a bad thing…depending on what the next project is.

  • @lemonater47:

    TB had pretty much nothing to do with the console port lol.

    They gave Activision the keys on that one. Blame them.

    Disgusting to laugh at the console troubles tbh. TB had everything to do with the Console port, anybody who
    has actually been in this game knows how it works. By your logic the porters simply made up the code from
    scratch… I wouldn;t be shocked to see Activision take out legal proceedings against TB for misleading them

  • I noted they as usual won’t respond and carry on ignoring the community, why even completely seeming to ignore private
    messages, ie playerhayter is just as guilty of this. Don’t you worry, I am going to start letting the LinkedIn community
    know, that is the business players in the world, what kind of outfit this is.

  • You can call them incompetent, say they ignore the playerbase, make cash grabs, etc, but calling them anti-euro racists is pure stupidity and hurts your already very small amount of credibility.

  • Is that you alias smith and jones… I have more credibility then some undercover most unknown nobody like you tbh.
    Infact I have had private messages from other Developers via twitter thank you, about this in thumbs up mode.

  • I suggest they try this exercise , type H E L L O .
    it really is to easy to type a few hello’s or even like some video’s or art by this community tbh. Why even playerhayter
    while making his art contest thread, cold have quickly said btw hello guys any problems just message me or post here.

    Thinking back I myself have made a lot of different video card reviews that can be used in Chivalry at all kinds of settings
    years infact. Not even one thumbs up from TornBanner at all. Everything from onboard hdmi video , low profiles up to
    high end cards. My time , resources and efforts to make card demo video’s for Chivalry, not one thank you from TB
    let alone all those other community members who’s video’s or art never even got a looking or mention , its truly shocking tbh.

  • Banned

    plz devs update how much $$$$$ do you want? name your price.

  • I still have no clue what you’re babbling about. I don’t spam idiotic drivel on the forums, I play(ed) the game, got good, found and reported game breaking shit instead of going on useless tirades about 90 FoV knights. I had a reputation for being a pretty good player, not a forum troll. I’ve never even seen one of your reviews, and I doubt anyone else including TBS has either.

    I don’t like how TBS has handled most anything since terrible June patch, but you’re making stupid accusations that are almost unintelligible. They’ve stated they’re done with this game, so move on or accept what it is.

  • Nobody cares about what you get at all. Least off all some undercover claiming to be a player claiming to have
    a reputation for being good. Your obviously full of shite by the sounds of it. As for Reviews I have written about
    Chivalry and other games in reviews on steam. If you don’t like it just pm or go back to that undercover rock
    were you live. The only idiotic dribble here is yours. As you don’t hang about on the forums by the looks of
    your insignificant posts, its safe to say you don’t have a bleeding clue what end you wipe with toilet paper.
    pm me or get in touch with steam chat if you can’t handle it.

  • I am pretty sure you are somebody banned already a while on steam by a vac, details escape me as unimportant things do
    so easily.

    You’re wrong, unimportant and mostly just a troll that was tolerated as somewhat funny, but mostly just annoying now, tbh. Time spent on the forums is pretty inconsequential, I read them, but don’t feel the need to post on everything.

  • You two need to chill

  • ahh a Loin the pretend he is remotely relevant thread, in the same thread saying the developers thumbs up to his twitter while lamenting that they never did a thumbs up for his videos, while being abusive to everyone.

    The reality is the game is a lot of fun, it doesnt need anything else on the PC version - more maps, some fixes will not change it to any great degree. The console version, I tried but it just doesnt have the precision of a PC so its a brief fling, like Deadliest Warrior.

    They fixed kick (perhaps overfixed but thats fine), I think that was the last of the major issues I had, everything else I can live with.

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