C++ & Chivalry II EA Sports UFC - Bruce Lee vs Mike Easton

  • [h=1]EA Sports UFC - Bruce Lee vs Mike Easton[/h]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCRh3tb2VSU

    Just found this, This kind of could be Chivalry II perhaps after the next project.
    I mean the nice movement , crisp definition of characters on a crisp engine.
    at a guess C++ is in that. It does look difficult to make but you have a 2 or 3 per team.
    ie 2 for movement & collision code, another for sprite and cord background, a sound pair
    also even 1 tester in house and even a code reader who looks for syntax errors etc .

    Bear in mind you already have the graphics sort of from Chivalry so its a head start, plus maps
    At the very least it could even be an engine with just some C++ or C front ends or bits

  • I did forget to mention you need a good story board and over seeing manager. If any of you have
    been in this game yrs ago a lot of this structure will make sense. Now days is even easier as so
    many blocks of code can be downloaded for free. From basci movement routines ie ADSW , back
    then I can remember having to re write code because some freelancer forgot his collection of
    libraries on a disc. Infact its actually possible to write a program simply from snippets of the
    Help section of an unknown language, as a few of us done in the past. The 6 page print out of
    our code is still in a booklet printed here signed by us in person.

  • Now TB announced the game upcoming is in Unreal 4, its quite exciting, its in C++ also I read plus after a quick peek
    at its kismet and code snippets online This could be a winner for TB. Lets not forget you can recruit by contract or paye
    Good C++ type programmers or farm out work. In one of my screenshots last year I made a map and walked about in it
    with unreal 4, will post link when located.

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