Quick memo

  • Guys I got a 1 day communication ban cause of a verbal altercation (party and xbone messages) I had with a player named exaltedheirchy over me using a messer. (Apparenty he’s had the same fights with mogzy and madroc as well XD) I dared him to report me so i guess i deserved it lmfao. TBH I got off easy despite the evil things I said to him TROLOLOL.

    So if I don’t answer any party invites or messages for the next day or so I’m not ignoring you :(

    I can still play matches and stuff like that so Charon and Proslayer if we have a war or practice just PM me on this site.

    TY, viz

    Samuel L Jackson anger translation:

    “Say report me again! I dare you I double dare you muthafucka, say report me one more goddamn time!”

    BTW #messerscrub #firsttimeoffense #reportmebitch

  • exalted heirarch aka xsalted bitchboy hahaha, I beat him with the longsword and he called me a ‘lagging eu pleb’ and he called firecracker a spamlord. what a swell guy xD

  • He’s a well known angry dude

  • Glad to know I’m not the only one hahahah

  • Exalted is the newest member to SDS. I talked to him about this behavior and he apologized. I looked past it after he apologized and asked him to tryout, he made the cut and is now going to be trained.

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