Imposter Gamertags

  • Recently on the xbone I’ve noticed that people have been creating new gts to ruin or steal reputation from well known clans. It’s highly known that members have all changed their names to something that everyone will recognise. eg. SDS ’ ’ or ATOM x ’ ’

    A certain spaghetti looping cretin known as ATOM x KDinner has been spotted in the east coast server spouting nonsense such as ‘you’re messing with me? I’m a member of ATOM I’ll 7-0 you easy kid’ and comical lines such as 'I’m better than you all because I’m ATOM ’ .* Now obviously it’s not against the rules to have a gamertag that isn’t offensive but I reckon this won’t be the last time someone tries to impersonate a well known clan for attention.

    Can’t wait to see more imposters so I can reverse overhead them all in the face with my grand mace. Happy days!

    *He is garbo by the way

  • Or is he a new recruit

  • @Firecracker999:

    Or is he a new recruit

    Nah, he’s an imposter.

  • Banned

    Lmao your actually disgusting AK, we both know he is a troll, like yourself. The other night AK, hoing hoing, and sommer spammed my account with #KraftMacAndchese, #KDlyfe and other similar #s in an attempt to upset me. Of course I heard from others that the reason for the #s was due to a nice shit talk session the SDS members where having about me behind my back. Anyway after awhile I was forced to block AK on XBL because he would not stop. At first I thought the KDinner account was AK, but after some research and comparing messages between my clan members I concluded it was somer village, but my point is Ofcourse AK knew this. So he is essentially playing a game of feigning ignorance. It is very shady, but I shouldn’t be surprised… I made it clear how these people operate once already on the active clan thread.

    that being said, I still refuse to stoop to this level of backhanded shady interactions. I still ultimately fear that my reluctance to play this two faced game will be my down fall, even so I will have my integrity at least.

  • Banned

    I would like to thank you for making this thread, b00ger knight. Hopefully if we keep exposing these shady under workings, it will be clear to community moving foward so it will not repeat. I guess people are capable of redeeming themselves. Respect from the king :)

  • Holy crap zombies, my name is spelt with 1 m geezus

  • Tbh…. I’m not two faced. I’ve made it very clear I think you’re the biggest scumbag in this game.
    Was the roast session justifiable? Not really. Was it hilarious? Yeah, quite funny.

    And before you go on about how I record people with audio video and such realize that people is plural. I’ve only been doing this stuff to you…
    My reaction to the chiv commubity

  • Banned

    hahaha how is it not two-faced to shit talk behind some ones back? You have no shame about this either, you admit with pride that you disrespect people that aren’t even their to defend themselves… and when I am around while you are unjustifiably “roasting” me… you record me out of context… only my responses. THAT IS WHAT MAKES YOU TWO FACED. Difference between me and you? I tell it straight to everyone. I do not hide in private parties dissing people who cant fight back. Sure you can say you only talk shit about me… but I know better.

    If only your clan leader knew all of what you and jefdel were saying about him while you were plotting to desert your own clan.
    You see? This whole situation of switching sides and conflicting loyalties is what I find fake about you.

    You were ready to abandon your clan due to your clan leader being “terrible at the game” and having “poor leadership” you felt you wouldn’t get any better if you remained in that organization…
    But now you and New age are friends and your SDS loyal?

    You hated HERO, you called him cancer, made many remarks about how much of a douche bag he is, Etc…( too much to type)
    Now you fight along side him, and call him a friend?

    I am starting to get the feeling that people like yourself have a problem with me because I am the only one that doesn’t let the community live in a web of contradictions.

    VIZ and Newage are the only two people that have conviction in SDS… and VIZ left FOR A REASON.

  • Tbh maybe I should’ve recorded a few others and I joking around about you. It was hilarious.

  • And also stfu about when I was THINKING about leaving. The only things u saw were from the outside or what jef told you. Jef jumped the gun and began doing things that were questionable to SDS and their members and I talked with newqge about the whole reason we were leaving. Because of these factors I decided to stay and not make a new clan with jef.

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