• Developer

    Dear Community,

    In an effort to serve you better, we will be locking the forums for maintenance today.
    We expect the forums to be down for several hours as we migrate from our existing vBulletin forum to NodeBB forum software. This will allow us to take advantage of new features to help grow community involvement and forum interactivity.

    Your username/passwords will remain the same after this transition, as will the posts you’ve made.

    We expect that you will have questions or feedback following this change. Please share your ideas with us and we’ll see what we can do.

    See you in the forums!

  • Developer

    Update - all returning users will need to use the “password reset” when signing in, and set a new password.

    Your username remains the same but your old password will not work.

  • Developer

    Welcome back folks!

    As you can see, the shiny new forums are now up and running.
    For all returning users, you WILL NEED TO RESET YOUR PASSWORD. If you have any problems accessing your account after doing so, let us know and our admin group will help sort you out.

    There will no doubt be questions and feedback as we’ve moved some things around to tidy up the categories.
    Also, if there’s anything in that you find not to be working please let us know and we’ll do our best to resolve it.

    Happy posting!

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