Nobody ever online when I try to play?

  • Hi, I purchased this game a couple of weeks ago, but haven’t been able to enjoy it yet as it seems nobody is ever online when I try to play. I have tried to join every game type and 90% of the time ending up on a server all by myself. Ive occasionally joined servers with 1 or 2 other players that slowly grows from there. Clearly people are paying this game though so why am I having issues joining populated servers? Any solutions or explanation of the problem im having would be greatly appreciated.

  • What continent are you on?

  • North America (Canada). I’ve found that the US servers are the most baron though. I’ve had better luck the last 2 days finding matches elsewhere (Europe, Australia), but have yet to find any matches over 50% full.

  • Which console? At least on PS4, east servers are the most populated. I can almost always find at least a mostly full TO. I believe if you try to join a server and it’s full, it’ll create a new one for you to join, which will slowly fill up.

  • This happens to me sometimes. Ask a friend to invite you to a game and then after that it fixes. Idk why but it helped fix it for me.

  • Yeah not sure what the issue was because all of a sudden I’m able to find good matches, mostly on East as Naleaus mentioned. Glad to be enjoying some medieval warfare now, thanks guys

  • Does that sometimes. Just gotta kick your Xbox a couple of times. Jk

    Idk why it does that

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