• I believe some of the ATOM members are boosting players. All of them have lots of play time and kills but most don’t even have 75% of the achievements. The one member I noticed to have all of the achievements who which I will name. ATOM HOMURA has 100% completion yet he still piggy backs on Messer knight with faints no less. Talk about playing easy mode. Go look for yourself on his achievements and you’ll notice a very unique pattern. He has gotten the achievement for 10 headshots in on game as archer which he got 12/08/15 rather impressive you may say but how is it that two days later all on the very same day he completes every achievement regarding the archer including light weapons on 12/10/15 they were all completed on the very same day so he managed to get 50+ kills with every weaponof the archer. Somehow I find that hard to Belive seeing as you can’t feint with arrows. I’m not saying it’s true maybe he just has no life. However you decide. Look for yourself compare his achievements to yours and you’ll see the date he achieved all things 12/10/15.

    Who cares, rank and achievements mean nothing and makes no difference to anyone.

  • I don’t think this is an appropriate topic–if you have an issue with a player or think they are breaking any rules contact a moderator (Either through the steam group, private messages on the forum, or emailing TBS) rather than starting a witch-hunt thread.

    Closing and moving to off-topic, feel free to PM me or email TBS with the relevant information if you have a complaint to make about any players, but by the looks of it no rules have been broken (rank boosting through the use of custom maps is not against the rules as it does not give the players any special advantage and does not negatively affect other players).