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  • Couldn’t see a movie discussion thread in the past 10 pages, brand me and throw me in the stocks if repost.

    Post format guide:

    Generally a post should be formatted as such:

    ![Alt Text](ImageURL.png) - Poster or screen still from the movie
    **Movie Title**
    Thoughts on movie/relevant info you want to post

    A few rules and formatting tips to take into consideration:

    • Please rehost images onto imgur if you are grabbing them from google images or IMDB/Wikipedia/Any other website in general. A lot of movie-based websites do not allow hotlinking of their images and your images will be broken so no other users can see them if you hotlink.

    • Keep images at a reasonable size. This means you will likely have to resize the image since posters are often far too big for the forum. (Pro tip: You can add an ‘l’ (Lowercase ‘L’) to the end of an imgur URL but before the file extension to automatically resize it. e.g. becomes

      No one likes to have a movie ruined, and repercussions involving chains, flagellation, and nooses (and also account warning and/or suspensions) will occur if you try to ruin a movie for another user. We all enjoy and like movies here, let’s be civil in discussions.

    • Last note: As long as the movie you are posting about is clear, the format doesn’t matter. It is just a nice way to make the thread to look consistent and nice when browsing.

    So let’s discuss some movies! What have you been watching recently?

  • First post to show an example of what a typical post should look like:

    What We Do in the Shadows
    What We Do in the Shadows
    I went in expecting a shitty mediocre horror-comedy but it was quite smart and fun, one of the better horror-comedies of late. Definitely one of the best horrors of 2014 in general too, and I’m looking forward to the follow up We’re Wolves whenever that comes out.

    The Conjuring
    The Conjuring was actually such a treat, I was really impressed. It doesn’t break new ground or innovate anything in the haunted house or possession sub-genres, but it doesn’t need to. It perfects a formula and uses it to tell a scary ghost story and has fun with it.
    The dynamic between the two main characters is great, and they’re a really likeable duo, and I generally enjoy Patrick Wilson in most films and shows he does (Insidious, Fargo season 2).
    Definitely one of the best horrors in recent years I think, let alone just 2013, and I am looking forward to the second feature which comes out later this year.

    Django Unchained
    Watched Django Unchained over the weekend, really enjoyed it. The pacing was amazing, kept my interest for the entirety of the 2 - 3 hour running time. Been putting it off for ages because of reasons, but I’m glad I finally got around to watching it. Couldn’t see Hateful Eight because no cinemas around me are showing it (Cineworld boo) but after watching Django, I am definitely looking forward to it even more once it comes out on DVD/streaming services (Speaking of Hateful Eight, I watched Bone Tomahawk a few weeks ago and Kurt Russell was great in it even if the movie was sub-par itself, so even more reason to look forward to him playing a similar cowboy-esque character in a likely decent movie).

  • @Tummeh said:


    Very good movie actually, watched it last year but again twice more in the last 2 weeks. A sequel would be my cup of tea tbh.

  • They Live a Cult movie favourite of mine is on Amazon prime movies now. One to watch if you get a chance to tbh.
    Director: John Carpenter 1988
    Writers: Ray Nelson (short story “Eight O’Clock in the Morning”), John Carpenter (screenplay) (as Frank Armitage)
    Stars: Roddy Piper, Keith David, Meg Foster

    It’s long overdue for its own series imo. Or even Movie remakes with sequels in mind.

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