Mirage: Arcane Warfare Teaser

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    We’re excited to reveal the teaser trailer for Torn Banner’s next game, Mirage: Arcane Warfare.


    Mirage: Arcane Warfare is a multiplayer FPS coming in 2016.

    Stay tuned for the full announcement trailer on March 9 - counting down on MirageArcaneWarfare.com

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  • That art style is surprising! Love the look, and the character abilities look interesting! It does remind me of some of those character action MOBA’s that have become quite popular recently. Is this nudging more towards that direction or this still a team based multiplayer game instead of a more hero focused action MOBA? I’ll admit I’m a little disappointed it’s not a Chivalry sequel in setting. I wanted to see more of Agatha and those locations/characters but this seems interesting as well. Cheers.

  • Developer

    We’re keeping “teasery” on the details until next week Pilgore. It is a multiplayer action game (as Chivalry was) and not in the MOBA genre.

  • Right, right. Couldn’t help it ^^

    Either way, thanks for uhh “clarifying” that then. ;)

  • Cool cool

  • Love the art style and kudos for trying something different. I would have loved Chiv 2 but you can always go back to it one day. Can’t wait to play Mirage.

  • Developer

    @Oilystool said:

    Love the art style and kudos for trying something different. I would have loved Chiv 2 but you can always go back to it one day. Can’t wait to play Mirage.

    Thanks, I think our art team has created a really amazing new world and we’re excited to tell people more about the setting and characters.

  • I’m feeling so teased right now. Reminds me of the primary school days.

    Games looking lovely tbh

  • So excited just show me where I can throw my money to play any version of this game. Was waiting for this for a looooong time

  • hi i just wanted to say that mirage looks really awesome keep like that, and a question
    are u going to stop developing chivalry? you know no more new maps, bug fixes.

  • This looks like a cartoon version of Deadliest Warrior (in a bad way). I guess I’ll wait for Mordhau instead.

  • Was hoping for another medieval combat game. Will reserve judgement till we see more about mechanics and such. Graphics really don’t mean as much to me as the gameplay. If it’s fun, I’ll play.

  • Really curious how the gameplay turns out.

  • Not gonna lie pretty disappointed by this news.

    I like the art style, and genuinely value that you are doing your own thing, and going in your own direction.

    However I brought chivalry because It’s a competitive First person slasher/shooter in a medieval setting, with a mostly realistic art style. And that wasn’t common back then, or even now. And I’d argue alot of your fan base are made up of people with similar opinions.

    The only examples I can think of before Chiv are Mount and blade (which is dated, has a clunky combat system with a third person focus), and war of the roses (which has a clunky combat system with a third person focus)

    So I’m kind of confused as to why your moving away from this niche you had to what looks like a more MOBA type of game, as if there aren’t enough of those already ha. I guess yours is first person, but then your going up against blizzard with their Overwatch.

    I know I’m commenting alot on what is only a teaser, but this is what I see, Because to me the great thing about chivalry combat was that it was simple to understand but hard to master.

    However with this trailer I see combat that looks too flashy, with too many effects going off onscreen, and from my experience in chiv I’d say this would distract from the pure and enjoyable simplicity that chiv combat had, and that this game is using. I mean its hard enough keeping track of someones sword, let alone when you have purple auras surging round you.

    I’m sad to say as I see it this is a game I will be giving a miss, but I’m open to change my mind and will be watching it until its released.

    I wish you guys good luck with it though, and as I said before I do respect that you are doing your own thing and moving in your own creative direction.

  • From what I can see it looks very good. I even found a vote up arrow? tweeted your post also mr hayter with that share button.
    As I have always played at fov 90 this game looks like a comfy pair of my favourite slippers already try to keep those sneaky
    third persons options down to -1 option. Also wouldn’t it be good for players of Chivalry from day of release to carry rank over?
    It most likely will have a rank system, or a mystical system. What about a small present in game for the players of Chivalry
    from its day of release who then go an play your new game :)

  • While i understand players wanting Chiv 2 , on the same token I also understand why as a game studio you would not make your 2nd title a sequel. If you become the studio who just does that one game over and over in different iterations,that is what everyone will expect when a new game is announced and while it may help a studio on the short run on the long run players will tire of it. Here,where I live is the studio who made the Hitman series and while the first was a hit, then players expected a 2nd and then a 3rd and before you know it , the studio was pigeon holed into the studio that made Hitman games , they were made by their success but trapped by it as well. So every time they tried to make a non Hitman game it failed miserably. Just like what is happening to the Assasins Creed at the moment,happened to Hitman as well, that is the same formula becoming staler and staler after each iteration and unable to find that magic equation ever again.

    If you have worked on a Medieval game for years at a time I also imagine you would grow sick of it do that prospect of making the same genre again can make a developer complacent and lose touch with what makes the game what it is. They may make the same game again but afterwards good luck keeping the same team, they will want to make something else and leave the company to do something that isn’t Chiv 3. Once the team is broken up, you lose all the experience that helped make the original and then good luck making another Chiv that isn’t based on stale and iterated ideas.

    So if you are disappointed that this isn’t Chiv 2, relax. Who says can’t make Chiv 2 as their third game? I’d bet stepping away from Medieval for a Dev cycle will give you the distance ,experience and perspective to make a true sequel.

  • Environment looks stunning , I’m looking forward to it.


  • Very TF2’esq visuals, I have to say.

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    I’m glad TB are extending their scope of gaming. With Chivalry being a long standing game and Mordhau on the horizon. A new Ue4 engine game with a unique look and style will be a blessing in my opinion. It looks great and having the same developers (with some new) will bring it that feel of uniqueness that Chivalry bought me first time playing.

    I am thoroughly looking forward to this game; and can’t wait!!

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