Homeless Viking, I dont know how long you’ve been playing chivalry but I must inform you that ATOM is the best clan on console and numerous attempts have been made by myself and others to replace them but have failed. I’ve played with most of these guys when they were newbish on 360. They are extremely good.

    Homura is probably one of the best chivalry players on console. I’ve played with him for more a year and I can tell you he doesn’t need a messer to kick anyone’s ass. He’s excellent with a longsword and he is an accomplished vanguard. And he made advances into being an archer. His captures should be sufficient proof of this…

    I’m not the only one who can defend this, members of ATOM, SDS, and beyond can testify to what I’m telling you.

    This is not a salt thread but I’m defending a friend when he isn’t here to defend himself.


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    thanks for writing this viz. and I will have you know homless, most of my clan constantly drop 50+ kills a game in FFA and T.O… let alone a day… most of us went for all the achievement upon release… Homura is not the type to leave something unfinished.

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    Indeed and I think we can all agree that Homless Viking is the biggest cry baby on chiv. Im pretty sure if he got his way we would all be using archer with fists as that would be the meta per result of his moaning and complaining.

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    i think homeless viking is just a classic case of “mad 'cuz bad” nothing special…
    “mad 'cuz mad” is a pretty common chivalry player type… they come a dime a dozen tbh.

    I think I will make a thread tonight covering the main chivalry player types, I recently discovered a new one Im sure all you guys can relate to.

  • He’s just good enough to get all the achievements. Plus you can get the 10 headshots achievement and the 2 decaps achievements in horde… doubtful that someone would boost for achievements.

  • @AK I don’t even care about the achievements. I got them all naturally except King of the Hill while playing. As for the Viking, I never played him before, but if he’s an easily-angered scrub, then so be it.

  • You get an Xbox one Charon, then beware. Had two encounters with him:

    the first was when he said I spam feint and have poor footwork after I beat him in a duel lobby. I planted him 3 times after he tried countering my longsword with a messer, polehammer, and towershield knight but got cocky after he beat me once with MAA.

    The second was when he teabagged me for no reason while I was playing with Chillin Dylan in a TDM.

    I’m not trying to start a witch hunt but he’s slandering players I’ve known for years.

  • Homeless Viking is the 2nd newest member of SDS. We will have to talk to him about this behavior

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    @AK just so every one knows, homeless was previously know as
    “the German guy” he named changed due to all the enemies he made shit talking players that killed him.

  • I remember that dude…it’s been months but he had such poor sportsmanship that his name stuck in my mind. Teamkilling votekick abuser, if I remember correctly.

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    @Gnarlydude he is a prime example of mad cuz bad

  • @AK you recruited exalted and homeless… wtf? It’s going to be a reaver convention, not trying to be an ass but SDS’s salt intake has grown. Between Addy, hero, and these two I don’t think they’ll get along.

  • We will talk with them. If it doesn’t workout then it’s not to hard to say " you’ve been cut"

  • @ATOM–KYLE Really? That doesn’t sound like the German guy. When I interacted with German, he was pretty friendly. Oh well, let Bygones be Bygones. laugh

  • @DA I dueled German guy on 360 once and when I beat him he immediately said “dragging is for f×××ots” or something of that nature lmao.

  • @AK said:

    We will talk with them. If it doesn’t workout then it’s not to hard to say " you’ve been cut"

    LOL AK be like Donald Trump on the apprentice XD

  • @Viz-the-Viscount homeless is thegermanguy and he just spams feints too which is why his comment makes no sense

  • @Somervillage said:

    @Viz-the-Viscount homeless is thegermanguy and he just spams feints too which is why his comment makes no sense

    I attacked through all of his feints and he couldn’t predict mine lmao.

  • You can just use the basic rt spam feint on him man he can’t read

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