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  • So what do you guys think are some of the features coming in Mirage? What mechanics from Chivalry MW & DW do you think will also appear in Mirage?

    Another admin (unborn) put up what I thought was a really good teaser dissection:

    After seeing that there were non-human classes in the teaser I figured the game does not take place in either Agatha or Tenosia. So they game’s lore will probably have nothing to do with Chivalry lore which a lot of people who like chivalry’s story will probably be happy about.

    As for mechanics I agree with unborn’s analysis on the big orb thing that it forces melee combat and does something to projectiles (slows, projectiles can’t enter the orb, something like that?), also something another mod (gauntlet) pointed out is sometime in the video someone used that big mace the minotaur guy uses to stab. With that said we’ve seen stab, slash, and overhead so the fighting style we all know and love is probably going to be in mirage for melee combat.

    I didn’t see anyone parry anything in the teaser but that is probably because it was a fast paced thing so parry and riposte take too much time out of the action? One thing I didn’t notice until watching the dissection unborn did was the fire shield being thrown. Vikings in DW can throw shields and you can parry them so hopefully that mechanic returns of blocking projectiles in some shape or form is what I think after seeing that.

    Another thing that I hope returns: So in DW when you have a shield up and a pirate shoots you with his gun it still deals damage but less damage than if it hit you without the shield. I hope the same thing applies in mirage: say you have your shield up and you are hit with a fireball or something like that - I hope there is some damage reduction. Also having you shield on your back and spinning around when a pirate is shooting at you, if the bullet/bullets hit your back shield then it deflects all damage in DW - so I always try to have a shield on my back. I like that mechanic too but it has always seemed a little weird.

    It looks to me like mirage is going to have more mechanics than either DW or MW given it probably has most of the melee mechanics carrying over and new magic mechanics and other stuff thrown in so to me that means the skill ceiling is raised which to me is always a good thing.

    Do you think you can feint a fireball?

  • Well it does look interesting. After some slowed down viewings of the video at length, the lack of Archers was encouraging
    imo. I Saw a full shield on a Knight type of sprite. The music is good, perhaps they might have to add an album as an extra
    download as some games do that on steam, sell the soundtrack. It has a weapon for each hand on one character or more,
    they finally have female models in the game with magic, This will help lots as many many girl game streamers have 50 k
    followers plus many like magic use or master the ways of using it in games. Any more in depth conclusions of how the
    weapons seem to work or look I am keeping to my self. I speculate a sum of cash ready for purchase of game plus even
    a server on its release for my steam groups.

  • Wait until the 9th when they release the trailer.

  • Seems like it’s doubling down on classes even more, a well rounded team with enough class diversity is a must for ability synergy (pop shield, cast spells, have mace guy guard the spell casters, etc). Will there be healers? “Tanks”? Seems like it. I also wonder if there will be weapon types for classes or if the class is stuck with a specific weapon. Can the spear and shield guy for instance wield the big guy’s mace? I predict he’ll probably won’t. Further driving home my theory that this will be way more into classes and team work than individual prowess. Much like TF2 or even some MOBA-esq arena shooters while still staying true to Chivalry’s combat mechanics. They’re calling it an FPS but I believe Chivalry was called an FPS in the press statements as well, this will be as much an FPS as Chivalry was I think. So not that much.

  • Developer

    @Xylvion said:

    Wait until the 9th when they release the trailer.

    Don’t wait, keep speculating! We’re interested to see what you guys can figure out.

  • @playerhayter said:

    @Xylvion said:

    Wait until the 9th when they release the trailer.

    Don’t wait, keep speculating! We’re interested to see what you guys can figure out.

    As far as I can see there’s 4 classes.

    • The dude with the big hat shooting magic stuff.
    • The lady with the dagger.
    • The minotaur.
    • The Shield dude.

    The combat isn’t very iformative in the teaser, so I hope the trailer gives me some more insight. It seems more melee focused with certain spells than spell focused with melee, which is a good thing; but as I mentioned in another thread, there needs to be a reliable way to defend against both magic and melee attacks.

  • I would say you have four groups of factions with 3 per side in each, a Heavy knight, Two handed Female warrior with some
    magic skills also plus a heavy merlin type magic only player. Why even 4 per faction is possible but then just 3 factions.
    It might have a ranked system for each type so a player could become a high ranked wizard or fighter of heavy swords.
    So a Ranked wizard, Heavy tank and fast speed type. Which means as they get stronger in rank so does the damage they
    can do or withstand etc. Lastly I would like to think in a single player mode this time around you can actually decide the
    type of bots you want to fight alongside a random bots if you choose.

  • I think team comp is going to be a lot more important in this game. I’m really interested to see the mechanics of how melee will counter magic and vise versa I could picture parrying a fireball but what about that purple spell at the end of the trailer? It looks like a CC attack.

  • Seems to me like a team who works in unison with carefully selected classes is always going to have the upper hand. Will be interesting to see what the trailer reveals.

  • From what I’ve seen in the trailer I don’t think this is in the same universe as Chivalry. It looks like it will be in its own universe all together

    Idk why it tags other people in this… that’s weird. I didn’t tag anyone

  • I’m curious to know if MAW will ever get mercs mod. :grimacing:

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