BlackScreen on my laptop

  • Just bought the game after I’ve been watching some youtubers playing it and I bought it quickly after it was released. I got it on Steam and know whenever I start up the game it straight up blackscreens. I’ve left it on all night and still, blackscreen. It was even weirder was when I went back on Steam (After restarting my computer) it said I had played for 6 hours. (The whole time it was blackscreened) Since I dislike to annoy programmers with dumb questions I took a stroll through the forums. On the common bugs thread I saw the “Game crash without error” and did everything it told me, still didn’t work. A fustrated me put off the game and now I started messing with the resolution and got that right, but still, not working. Any reasons why, or some help?

  • What are your computer specs?
    In your steam launch options can you put -windowed and see if it helps.

  • CPU: Inspiron M5030
    GPU: AMD V160 Processer, ~2.4GHz
    Ram: 2048MB

    Sorry if I posted this wrong, I’m not all that great with windows computers

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