Welcome to the Closed Alpha!

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    We’re excited to start Alpha Testing for Mirage: Arcane Warfare and look forward to involving you in the process.

    We are still actively developing the game, as such you can expect to see some very buggy things going on at times. This is completely normal for this stage of development. As a result, things often won’t look pretty, might not work, or might not be fun at all. You might even crash the game or server from time to time.

    Everyone with access to the build at this time has signed a nondisclosure agreement, so you’re welcome to chat about the game here in the testing section of the forum.


    • Speak of, or share anything that goes on during this testing phase outside of this area.
    • Upload videos or screenshots to private accounts like flickr, youtube, etc…
    • Talking about it in the other mod channels or wherever else.
    • If it’s on the internet and can be accessed by a link or by someone who might not be on an NDA, it’s not allowed.

    We will be slowly opening up the doors to reveal more information about the game to the community, but we plan to do so in a very methodical, careful way. The last thing we want is for a video or online post to come out that promises something we might not even ship. Or for details to come out before we’re ready to talk about them. Honestly, most things that are work in progress don’t look and feel very good.

    Why we’re doing this closed alpha thing:
    We really want to make a great game.
    Great games need testing, and lots of it.
    As developers, we go blind to a lot of little problems and big ones too.
    We need to see how the game behaves over real internet connections.
    It helps us prepare for wider Beta testing.

    How can you help us?
    We want to hear what you think about it.
    We want to hear what you love.
    We want to hear what you hate.
    We want to know how we can make things better.
    We want to know if what we’re planning on doing, is the right thing to do.
    Participate in the scheduled tests whenever you can.
    Ask us questions.

    Will we always do what you suggest?
    We’re always open to hearing suggestions, but we need to work within the scope of our team.
    We still need to build the game we want to make.

    How this will work
    You’ll have full-time access to Latte (Mirage) client and server in your Steam library, you’ll be able to host servers and join games with us and each other as you see fit.

    The plan is for us to host focused tests with you on a semi weekly basis with a specific testing goal in mind. We’ll be doing some in the day, and in the evening so both Euro and NA players can have a chance to participate.

    See you in Mirage, and thanks for the help!

  • I look forward to finding lots of little bugs to annoy TBS programmers with :-)

  • Yay! Very exciting to lend a hand.

    Edit: Also, we are supposed to not talk about it in the slack channel, correct? If so, we able to make a different one for testers or we still keeping all discussion in this forum

  • Developer

    Yeah, we want to keep that channel mirage free and focused on Chiv modding. Not all mods have signed up to participate as well so for now keep discussions here.
    Currently you guys are signed up as “single channel users” so we unfortunately can’t just make an other channel without a bit of effort.
    Feel free to use the forum’s group chat feature or PMs in slack to reach out and talk about stuff in a more normal way.

    We also want to try using only this to test out how effective it is for coordinating testing and getting feedback. we plan to use the forums as a hub for future public testing.

    If things don’t work out, we’ll re-evaluate our plan and try a different approach.

  • Mod

    Awesome :) Good to finally test these forums on my phone too. Works well. Very keen to test this out. Hopefully can do some testing on an Australian server with lilboots as well.

  • This is really exciting stuff - Should we have access to Latte right now?
    This is going to be really cool helping you guys make the best game possible!

  • With the server side of things, are you guys hosting through the cloud servers mentioned previously or will you be independently hosting for the closed alpha ?

  • Developer

    @Lilboots said:

    With the server side of things, are you guys hosting through the cloud servers mentioned previously or will you be independently hosting for the closed alpha ?

    To start we’ll be manually hosting it outside the office, whether on Amazon’s cloud, the test dedicated server we pay for from Multiplay, or elsewhere. Our office internet connection can’t handle much currently.

  • @CrustaceanSoup If you end up using AWS my ping will be amazing :)

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