Xbox One Australian servers

  • Hello old and new users,
    i myself am returning from a month holiday, only to find the australian servers as dead and as boring as ever.
    before i went on my trip they were dead but now is really really pathetic, if there is a lobby ever it is full of a bunch of queers standing in a circle not attacking each other.
    personally i feel it is due to a lack of advertisement and it only being a digital copy as i know of yeah the american servers are populated but being in australia and an australian you can not even begin to understand what the lag is like for us, yeah we can play them sure but with our dog shit internet it is not very fun,.
    there is no real cure for the current autism which upsets me as i was hoping to return to a fun and populated australian server, as this is one of the only games i seek to play at the moment because it is fun and underrated, i really wish you guys over at torn banners had of done something useful to this game, i mean when it was first released it was barely functioning, so please if you are an australian reading this break your treating with the other players and go down swinging, and for new players coming best of luck.

    as of torn banners please in future f***ing advertise your game,

    p.s if you play xbox one chivalry add my gamertag, Little Schmeet
    i will do the best i can to entertain you and get other players to play, duels,ffa, ETC.

    Thanks all and best of luck

  • @Mauldron the pc australian servers are still active, maybe try and play it on pc and see if you like it. You can use an xbox controller. :)

  • @Enigma Hi enigma i have played it in the past on pc but i have switched back to playing console :/

    i will give it another go on pc :P

  • @Mauldron hi I’m late to the convo, but I just got chiv on Xbox 1, BigLoinsLarry is the gamer tag, I’ll add ya later cos I’m looking for peeps to play also… assuming you still are:)

  • Suck it up mate Kingorama manages to be a level 45 and still wins lobbies with 300 ping since he’s from new zealand

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