Ghost camera

  • its would be better to be able to see players from first person when u dead like u can switch and see from their angel of the game i think i would be nice

  • Like in call of duty? Seeing how they killed you? That would be cool but I can’t say I support the idea. The problem is that your supposed to die at their feet. Not watch yourself die from your killers eyes. :P

  • no i dont mean it like dead i mean when u dead u can see other players thats alive from thier side from first person like u see urself when u fight

  • Oh I get it now. That’s like Left4Dead. You mean watching them fight in first person while you wait for yourself to spawn? That’s an excellent idea.

  • i hope other ppl will think that way too cuz i realy want that

  • Oh I dont know… it really is humbling to just lay there with your face in the dirt waiting to respawn.

    :j: Sarcasm is fun.

    But in all seriousness I think a few death-cam options would most certainly be something possible for the future of Chivalry

  • I think when you die and are waiting to re spawn, it should replay the last 20 seconds of your life, but blurry, and fully of blue and grey hues. Like your life flashing before your eyes.

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