Ping for no reason.

  • My game is broken for a few days. Every day, at some random period, having a great ping problem. It occurs only in Chivalry. Other online games are fine. Ping test here:

    I took this speed test during in game. And screenshot from game at the same time, here:

    [url=]resİm yÜkleme[/url]

    My firewall and defender settings allows me play Chivalry. (dont have problems b4 actually)

    I need really help. Thanks all.

  • You are playing chivalry on a server that is in your region right?

  • Sometimes I have 100+ ping on Uk server, sometimes I have 80+, sometimes I have 68, sometimes I have 56. It feels completely random.

  • Normally, im playing in these servers with 60-70-80 and max 90. Not 150+. Image says the server has 100 ping but when i hop in, it jumps to 150. Its totally fine in morning, afternoon and after midnight. Mostly evening times.

    Im playing from Turkey. And the farest server i choose is UK. I normally getting 70 ping in UK. I know, ping may go and down a bit. But it shouldt be 90+.

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