Game loses connection as soon as i enter the server (console says no connection set DS_INACTIVE)

  • My friend just bought the game, installed all cool, no issues. As soon as he enters ANY server, be it official, modded, dedidacted whatever, it loses connection. I enter the server, before even chosing Agatha Knights or Mason order i hear the screams and i can see the kills and its fine, but i cant choose any of the teams… i click on it nothing happens, and when it automatically puts me in spectate mode all the players are still like if i lost connection, but the game doesnt quit or anything, it just stays like that, i can move trough the map as spectate, but all players are still or walking still lol… Any ideas what it can be? I searched everywhere…

    Specs :

    Ati HD 7700

    CPU AMD 3.4 ghz

    RAM 8gb

    **What i tried: **

    Reinstalling, lowering all settings to minimum, deleted config folder in mygames/chivalry, verified game cache integrity from steam, updated drivers…

    Internet connection works perfectly fine cuz i can play left 4 dead 2 online with no issues… also the game has access in firewall…


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    Looks like your issue is very similar to this one:

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