Inn (the tavern inspired map)

  • Inn

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    This map Inn has multiple game modes centering around “fists only” gameplay. It supports FFA, TDM, LTS, and Grog Robbers which is a mode of fast paced fisticuffs built for the map itself…

    Truly this is a nod toward the map tavern seeing how it hasn’t been hosted often on public servers due to majority disliking a FreeForAll fist only map. Regardless I feel this is a spiritual successor in the way I look at it and I think the community needs a good laugh with fists like they did so long ago when tavern was commonly played on official servers. Be it as it may Inn shares similar themes of tavern having St.Patrick’s day decor and overall a map centered around fists and getting MEEEEEAD. We had a total of three people work on this including myself, an artist by the name of Burgzaza who crafted some wonderful decals and other small tidbits, and last but not least Phisi who helped bring the custom gamemode to Inn and a lot of help with map design and detail.

    This project took a month to put together and we hoped to be a feature brabble for march but seeing as TBS has announced Mirage:Arcane Warfare I doubt there’s much spotlight left but that’s no big issue. I still loved creating this with Phisi and chatting with some wonderful folk like Burgzaza which has made some legendary work like the Getteth Swole art for C:MW. This was a great experience and truly a fun time seeing a few great people from the chiv community come together on a map such as this. I’m sure I speak for Phisi and Burgzaza when I say we hope you enjoy Inn like we did making and playing it.

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    Below is more info on the custom game mode and small details about the map v v v

    Grog Robbers:

    (Custom TO2 Game mode)

    This is a team based mode where both Agatha and Mason try to defend stacks of grog barrels from being stolen from their opposing team. A fast paced beat ‘em up with a simple objective; to steal the enemy’s grog barrels till they have none left and you hold all eight barrels for your team. To sum it up it’s a mode with constant action and pressure for both sides trying to defend and attack all at once. So what are you waiting for take part in this brand new festive map and beat your enemies to a bloody pulp using your bare hands, or perhaps a gauntlet.

    Admin Console Events:

    • ce Weapons

      • This Forces players to all die then respawn with their selected loadouts (not recommended for the map design)
    • ce Fists

      • This Forces players to all die then respawn with fists only (on by default)
    • ce LoggingOn
      ce LoggingOff

      • This enables and disables a Debug command for Grog Robbers only which shows all the events in the chat box
    • ce Stpaddy

      • Sir Patrick will come to visit


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