To Torn Banner

  • May you guys please fix the PS4 rank 30, 40, 50, and 60 helmet bug where it doesn’t show up in game? It shows up as the default no matter what class you put it on. I know your focus is on your new game Mirage, and you say the console port is Hardsuit Labs and/or Activision who do the patching and updates but how come they don’t support it? For console, is there a plan for future updates or is it going to stay the way that it is. It is definitely playable for now but there are a handful of game breaking bugs, like with Team Objective on Stoneshill sometimes the door doesn’t break and Mason’s are trapped outside. Another one is the ranked helmets earned by ranking up as mentioned above. There are others but I was just giving you guys examples…

  • Banned

    Happens on Xbox one also, but we won’t get an update or a fix guide. They will just ignore us, that’s what Torn Banner does. They will just blame it on Activision or Hard Suit. Good luck to ya though.

  • If I were Torn Banner, I wouldn’t want to fix it either if people are unsupportive. I’m sure they have direct influence, but like I said I know their main focus is going to be mirage.

  • But still. There are so many glitches it’s not even funny.