ChivAdmin: RCon Tool

  • Installation

    Download ChivAdmin from Git:

    You need to install Java 8 in order to run the jar file.
    Download it from here in case you don’t have it installed:

    Server Setup

    You have to configure your server first for any RCon tool to work. Open the config file called PCServer-UDKGame.ini and follow these steps:

    Set the RCon port in PCServer-UDKGame.ini

    Add this to your config:


    The port number is for your to chose but it should be bigger than 1024 and must be smaller than 65535.
    Make sure that the

    Set an admin password

    Pick a password and assign it to AdminPassword under the Engine.AccessControl section.
    Should look like this:
    Without any password it is not possible to remote control your server.

    Save the file and restart the server


    ChivAdmin is a RCon (Remote Control) tool for Chivalry Medieval Warefare. Start by adding your server.

    ChivAdmin is able to provide functionality beyond this default RCon protocol by installing the ChivAdmin Mod found in the workshop. It does not block other mods so it’s possible to install it even though your server is running a different mod. This mod is not needed for ChivAdmin to work but only extends the possibilities.

    The mod is found here:

  • Can someone explain how to attach files properly? After the upload here there is no dl option.

  • Not sure… might be a problem with the new forums.

    I did not know you could run multiple mods at once (or that mutators were even a thing here).

  • The rule is you can’t run multiple mods alongside each other in Chiv.
    The ChivAdmin mod is the only exception as far as I know (never seen another mutator mod).

    Mutators were advertised by TB when they introduced TO2, how many years back?

  • Oh. I didn’t realize. Didn’t think it was a thing because yeah, haven’t seen a mutator until now.

  • Can you reupload your tool please? :)

  • Included another dl option.
    The onedrive link works, but it takes a while for the dl to start.

  • Ok Sir you are to be congratulated. Thank you for creating this. I finally got it installed on the server and got the Java app running and so far it is running very stable. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! So far everything I have tested works even with MERCs mod.

    So now I would like to make some suggestions for future additions. I would say look at the old Chiv Rcon Tool for more inspiration.
    Plugins and possible upgrades:
    Announcements - this allowed you to add automated chat messages and to control the time between each post. You could post on a timer (which worked great for me) Add a Welcome message or to send it only to the connecting player. This is a great feature for clan hosted servers to post up info about the clan or the server.
    Chat Logger - this would allow you to log the chat. You pretty much have this so thanks!
    Reserved Slots - This allows you to add players/admins to a list so that player slots could only be filled by those on the list. You could also control how many player slots would be reserved. So for a 24 player server, I would reserve 2 to 4 player slots for select players and admins to be able to join the server when it was full. Thus if I reserved 2 slots it would only allow 22 players to join + the 2 reserved slot players.
    SDK Map Changer - Not all the maps installed on the server are in rotation nor are they listed in the SDK Maplist. But your current map changer will not let you type in a map that is not listed.
    Server Game Password - This is one of my biggest complaints about the game is not being able to lock down the server with a game password without having to restart the server. It would be great if there was a way to simply add in a game password and lock it down then restart map. I know this may not be possible, but it would be great!

    Fun things that would be great to add in…
    Freeze/unfreeze player - admin on the fly
    Give/take health/stamina - change their health or stamina for the duration of the map. This would also allow us to play juggernaut where you give one player like 10000 health and stamina and the one who gets the final blow becomes the juggernaut!
    Change their name in game - this would simply be fun as a punishment, may not be possible
    Move player to other team or move them into spectate - admin control on demand
    Console commands - to be able to input console commands. The command tab on the right lower window
    Add/remove bots - possible add red /blue bots as well
    Better player options - when right clicking on name, add: private chat message, link to player steam profile, switch team/spectate, kill, etc.

    A few tweaks…
    that graphics are nice but they really just get in the way and eat up a lot of app real estate space and could be removed or greatly reduced specially when you resize the window as there are some resizing issues where sections do not resize.
    Consider the players just having more of a excel spread sheet look instead of thier logos.
    It would be nice to be able to see which map the server is currently running as it is not showing up under the server list where it should.

    Heads up I will be making a donation for your hard work!
    Thanks again!

  • Found another bug or an issue, when you close the app it doesnt save the server info so when you start the program you have to add the server again.

  • Since this is just a JAR im assuming I can get this working on a Linux server as well and give it a test…

  • @Retsnom-The-Great

    • Announcements - auto chat msg defined by time interval or when player connects (implemented mod side only) 10€
    • Chat Logger - writes to file 5€
    • Reserved Slots - (implemented mod side only) 25€
    • SDK Map Changer - it DOES allow u to write the mapname and change the map, it’s just not auto-completed. Also don’t forget the ‘.udk’
    • Server Game Password - change/ add password on the fly (only works for real dedicated servers, local servers reset the pw once the player hosting the server leaves the game) 20€
    • Freeze/unfreeze player - 10€
    • Give/take health/stamina - set the max and current hp + stamina 15€
    • Move player to other team or move them into spectate - 10€
    • Console commands - with an option to execute the command on the game itself, all players or just one sepcific player 40€
    • Add/remove bots - can be done via console command ‘admin add[Red/Blue]bots #’ (see above)
    • Change player name - can be done via console command ‘setname NEWNAME’ (see above)
    • Better player options - these are already available (except for the teamswitch) just not when u rightlick on the player icon
    • Change admin chat messages color - 10€
    • server map does not show up - will look into that. Seems to only work reliably with sandcastle atm, so u at least know if u r running sandcastle or not :P
    • Excel style player display - no thanks ;)
    • server config can not be saved - it is stored in a txt file in the same folder where the exe is placed called ‘ChivAdminConfig.txt’. Make sure it does not require admin rights to create/ write to files. Or maybe u deleted it by accident? Also try to create the file to see if the config is written to it after u connected to a server and closed the app.

    Prices r symbolic donations, no warranty or whatsoever, minor implementation deviations included.

    I agree that the 3 top images take up a bit more space than they should, however I can’t sqeeze the pic any further.
    It’s essential for the current theme unless replaced with appropriate images.

  • @Hordy Did you manage to get a chance to look at the original Chiv RCON tool? It does work and has most all of the options already listed but sadly is not very stable and will crash on occasion. You should test it out. Since the original DEV took the link down. I host a copy of it for downloading for others to use and testing if you want to test it.
    I think if you look at how it is laid out and functions you will see how efficient it really is and that you could benefit from mirroring some of it’s features like right clicking on a player and having lots of options under one function.

    I was going to throw you $30 US in general for your hard work.
    If you would like I can put the suggested upgrades in priority of what should be considered. Being able to run console commands and locking down the server without reboot on hosted or dedicated servers would be great

    Current Issues:
    1.The player list pics in yours is cool but on a full server they are just too big.
    2. There are still lots of resizing issues when you make the application window smaller. fonts are really too big too so if you had several servers being admined and they were full, the app is not efficient.
    3. As far as the graphics, you should be able to simply make them smaller. If you dont have photoshop or know how to resize images, send me copies and I will be happy to reduce the size of the images.
    4. I haven’t been able to have the server config saved. I will try creating one manually, later tonight.
    5. Can more than one admin use the app at the same time? I am doubting it because of the server config conflicting
    6. I have been unsuccessful in changing SDK maps just by typing it in the map changer. I will try by adding the .udk. So should it look like this: aocffa-redwedding_p.udk
    7. It seems like the right side window along with the pull down menu does nothing. Same with the filter. Maybe I am not using it correctly.
    8. Inebriate doesnt work on any maps I have tested thus far but will test it on maps that have it included in the map.

    I will keep testing it for sure and let you know about bugs and stuff.

  • Ok, thank you. I’ll see what I can do.

    Ur link is broken (404).

    The font of what exactly? The servers I usually tend to r rather small, so maybe send me a screen to make the issue clear.

    It sounds like u have serveral instances/ windows running of the app? This may indeed cause issues with the config file. You can connect to serveral servers at the same time. By clicking on them, the players are immediately displayed because they are maintained in the background.
    If u rly have good reasons to run several instances of the app, I suggest to keep a copy of the app files in a seperate folder for each instance.
    I can’t imagine another reason why u would want to make the window smaller.

    1. What do you mean? Vanilla Chiv only allows for one RCon tool connection at a time. If u have 2 admins connecting to the same server, it won’t work.

    2. I tested it with a different SDK map. The name u specified seems correct but u may need to check for uppercase letters. The name must match the map filename. If it fails, send me the link to the workshop page, so I can try myself with that specific map.

    3. The right console window at the very bottom shows a detailed log about what is going on. Because that can be a lot of stuff, the messages can be filtered. If u only want to see events (messages sent from the server), pick the event filter. Works for me.

    4. Yes, I explained in the readme, that the inebriate option (implemented by TB) seems to only work on TO2 maps.

  • @Hordy Ok I fixed the link
    I will try this evening to get the rest of the testing done.

  • Hey, can you post an English link to your paypal? The link from your app is in German.

  • @Retsnom-The-Great
    Should always display in english now.

    Btw, I found the bug why u can’t change the map: the dropdown control is broken and does not return the text u typed in after picking a few values. When u close the window with the dropdown and open it again, it works.
    Will fix that.

    I updated the mod and the app.
    New: set password and execute console commands + fixes
    In addition, the GUI supports the display of more players.
    Full changelog included in the app.

  • Sweet, I kicked ya $30 on your paypal, Thanks again for all your work!

  • Thank you as well.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Testing:
    In the server window, the current map shows but doesnt change with a map rotation or a map change. It does change/update when you uncheck/check (log off/on) the server.

    Kick/Ban Button

    1. Player Console Command - from here I tried a few commands for both single play and for all players. Nothing worked. Please post up a list of commands that you found worked or if I am possibly not putting in the correct syntax

    Command Button

    1. Change map Button - manual sdk map change works, YEAH!
    2. Rotate map Button- works!
    3. Change Game Password Button - fails in both manual password or any of the presets. This is typically manually changed in the Config/PCServer-UDKGame.ini and it also requires a restart of the server.

    Game Console Command

    1. None of the presets commands are functioning
    2. Manual input commands are not functioning

    So if you have any commands that you tested that are working or if there needs to be a correct syntax for inputting commands, please post up. I have yet to find any that worked.