First impressions thread!

  • My first play session for the game was a little over two hours long, which is interesting because I don’t usually play games uninterrupted for that long. After getting warmed up a bit and getting used to the feel of the game, I was really enjoying myself and I wanted to continue playing for longer than I was able to.

    I only encountered a couple of problems during this first session. It appeared to me that your own attack animations in first person won’t cancel immediately when you are struck and are caused to flinch. A few times I started up a swing, got hit, and noticed that my arms and weapon were still moving, so I figured that I had not been interrupted. A split second later however, my character would stop the attack animation, but I had already queued up another swing, leading to me getting hit again. If my attack had been cancelled immediately, I would have known to parry my opponent’s followup.

    Another problem was a bug that occurred while trying to join a server. The server I tried to join was “Official Mirage Test East US- 711474” and the map was to_bazaar. When I tried to join this server, after a brief loading time, I got the message “Client attempted to join but failed session authentication, closing connection.” This error occurred repeatedly, though I did not attempt to join a different server. After exiting the server browser, I was unable to open it up again. I was able to fix this by opening and closing the options menu, then opening the server browser. Closing the server browser again resulted in the same problem occurring again.

    My apologies if I was supposed to put the information about bugs somewhere else, but it was a part of my first play session and thus my first impression, in a sense. As for the game itself, the only possible problem I identified was that many abilities could be used to rain death down on top of melee combatants fighting on the objective. I suppose that this isn’t necessarily a problem, since there is a bubble shield in the game, but it sometimes seemed like the abundance of ranged abilities made fighting on the objective a complete suicide mission.

    My, I feel like I’ve been too negative with this post. Despite the aforementioned issues, I really found the game to be a lot of fun! I’ve only played for two hours so far, but that time was enough to make me set aside most of my skepticism for “Chivalry with magic.” I felt that the magic added a lot to the combat, and that was definitely the #1 thing that I was looking out for with this game.

    I feel that it may be hard for me to list all the things that I like about the game, there’s quite a few! The maps, characters, and abilities all look great. Melee attacks are satisfying to land, and the same goes for the spells. I especially like that bodies will sometimes be thrown across rooms by powerful melee attacks and spells. I haven’t seen anyone ballerina dancing, flailing their weapon and popping heads as they go with their reverse overheads, so I think that’s a plus, if only because it doesn’t look so silly. Last, but not least, the screaming. The screaming is top notch, as you would expect from Torn Banner. I relish having a dedicated scream button.

    Well, that’s all that I can think of to say about my first experience with the game. Thank you very much for the opportunity to play early, I am looking forward to playing more.

  • First I must say that I had blast experimenting this game for the first time!!
    I must have played eight hours straight, and had to stop myself to not show up as a zombie the next day at work.

    I played Chivalry for endless hours, and played competitively for a year, so I had some apprehension at first that the magic theme would overtake the melee combat I adored. Fortunately, I was very wrong, and oh boy this game still is a melee gore fest at its core!!

    This will be a quick write up of my first impression, I will work on a much more detailed review at the end of the first alpha round!


    I played mostly with the Vypress and Taurant, and one thing that bothers me with the combat is how slow the release the release of my attacks are. It gives a ‘‘floatiness’’ feel to the melee combat, and I don’t feel the impact of my attacks at all. It must be a mix of animation/sound / visual feed back.

    Seems much easier to get around parries, maybe I wasn’t rotating enough, but it felt like some overhead attacks were hitting above my head when the point of the weapon dint. Same issue with horizontal attacks. Feints are heavily nerfed and almost unusable with weapons like the mace, the slow recovery after canceling the attack + slow release makes it not viable at all imo. Strafing is a bit to slow for my taste, and makes it very hard to footwork your way around attacks.

    Magic complements the combat very nicely, very impactful, very flashy. It felt very natural to parry the projectiles, and I understand why you want limit the amount of players because it can get very chaotic. The abilities are very creative and well thought, and I really like the execution of it all. I personally like the vypress the most due to how her magic abilities empowers her melee prowess.

    In general I am a big fan of the combat in this game, its a departure from Chivalry, but I know that you guys will nail this in the end.

    edit: Forgot to add that I love that we can now vault over walls, its great. Not always clear, there are some instances where it seems you can vault but can’t.


    You guys rock, the maps are great. The size is now perfect, and not once have I been stuck on a bad collision slope. The layout is very well thoughout, good verticality use, and very interesting path choices especially in the tdm map. The maps are crisp colorful and generally very gorgeous. Good amount of cover placement, and its now so much more fun to traverse the maps because of the reduced fall damage, and that you can vault over a lot of objects.

    Not a huge fan of fast round game modes, I really want to see more mutli objective TO maps.

    … Whelp time to go to work I wanted to talk about the UI too, but I will leave it later.

  • Only have played a couple hours so far…overall I did have fun.


    • Thank you for adding first hit flinch. Sorely needed. Trades seemed uncommon.
    • Vypress is super fun to play. I like the mobility. That shadow kick ability is the balls.
    • The art style was weird and blurry at first but I grew to really like it after the first hour.
    • The ability to parry all projectiles is very unique and a feature I love. Makes for interesting engagements. Once you know the animations and understand when projectiles are coming they are very easy to parry though
    • The Tinker was very fun, if not kind of limited as all you can do is mine/hook. She has a ton of potential though.
    • Did a good job of making every class unique, no class really hard counters the other which I like.


    • Parrying needs to have more umph. I have a hard time knowing instantly when I connected with a parry. I always seemed to have enough feedback in chiv to know if I’m going to double parry or not. Maybe a louder sound effect to confirm the parry?
    • Attacking animations need work. They start slow, then speed up instantly. Makes things very hard to read and makes combos really awkward. Sometimes I’m unsure if my second attack is launching.
    • MORE DRAGGABLE WEAPONS. This is a big one. There are really no delayed drags, only accels seem to be effective. This hurts the game alot for me and reduces the skill cap. I would increase the time damage can be dealt during the release phase on some weapons.
    • More stamina, or have it regen faster.
    • Make abilities more effective, but have more cooldown.
    • The Vypress stab is very awkward, and probably too fast. I can pretty much interrupt everything with it.
    • No big sprawling maps like Stoneshill with multiple objectives on the same playing field. Doesn’t feel nearly as open as chiv did, too corridor-y. With chiv I could see all of my opponents infront of me and pretty much know what I wanted to do.
    • Flying Carpet man should focus on healing and overall support. A class like that is sorely needed.

  • First impression tag line-

    A fun mashup of FPS and MOBA that shines during tight melee encounters but a 6v6 limit and cooldown skill system detract from.

    In more detail:

    In other words, this works as an FPS but will ultimately be compared to battleborn if these MOBA elements continue to be refined and kept on release, which may give the false impression that this game is derivative as the timing of release is in the midst of a slew of “hero shooters” set to be released.

    As an alpha it’s great. I had fun playing for a few hours without interruption. I just can’t help but disagree with some of the gameplay choices coming from the makers of one of the most iconic first person melee systems ever made.

    My solution?

    Don’t make this a hero shooter. Play to your strengths, do a classic fps with magic done right. Scrap the cooldown ability system and include options in the form of equipment loadouts. Different weapons and armor for each class, or staffs, robes, and spellbooks that have different spells for magic users.

    Chivalry was brilliant because you made your own special moves by using the unique properties of each class weapon combination to good effect. Want a whirlwind attack? Great. Pick a flamberge and do a 360 drag.

    In this case,

    Want a fire wall? Great pick the flame spell loadout with an oil pot equipped and go to town.

    Do whatever you want to make this different, but don’t lose that, or you as a company loses your unique stamp on this title that I for one would sorely miss.

    Thank you for the invite, I hope my input was constructive.

  • I’ve played a bit now and think that I’m ready to post my first impressions :]


    Art style

    I really love this new art style. The maps look very detailed and the cell-shading look fits perfectly with the characters.
    Some characters just would look silly in a more realistic environment.
    I liked all of the maps very much!

    • Maps have a fitting size and you can understand the basic layout very fast and easily.
    • The vertical layout is also very interesting and fun to play with. It’s very enjoyable to jump down on your enemies or throw a boulder up to a different tier of a building.
    • it’s amazing that you can climb up walls! But…
    • …there are some spots where you cannot climb up although it looks like you should be able to. (e.g. some pillars on tdm_FalconRidge)


    First of all, I have mainly played as Taurant, sometimes as Entropist and Vypress, and tried the TInker, Vigilist and Alchemancer just for a short time.

    I don’t want to say anything detailed about balance here, because I don’t have enough experience yet.
    For me balance feels quite good in this phase of development and I’ve never thought that I died because my enemy plays an overpowered class.

    Taurant (played him a lot!)
    • My favorite class so far. I’m a fan of 2h-weapons! So this big mace is perfect for me :)
    • I really hope that he gets a nice 2h sword in the future
    • I enjoyed the boulder and jump-charge! I had some hilarious kills with the bolder and it’s just a pleasure to jump into peoples face with a big 2h weapon :)
    Entropist (played him sometimes)
    • I love the carpet <3
    • Heal abilities are a very interesting new mechanic. They felt intuitive to use, but I didn’t really figure out yet if I can accidentally heal enemies with them.
    • I’m really suprised by the Entropist, because I didn’t think that he would be such a fun class to play before I’ve actually played him
    • Feels very agile and rogue-like! Looks very cool! I can see why she is the main character in the loading screens :]
    • The blade whip is fun to use but I would love to cast 2 projectiles with it! I’m empowering two of my blades so why can I only cast 1 projectile?
    • I’ve met a player who played her very impressive! Cool class, but didn’t play it much yet
    • Can I disarm his traps somehow safely? I’ve thrown some boulders on them and it seemed to work, but boulders have such a long cooldown.
    • Also a class I would like to play more. Maybe I’ll check him out next :) but one thing:
    • If you throw a fireball against a wall/floor, the texture at this point changes and you can see that this area is heaten up by it. It would look cool if there were some flames and not only a texture change ;)
    • Also a cool class, especially the Iron Dome ability! Although I must agree with some other people that it remains on the battlefield for a very long time.


    • It feels a bit slower than chivalry, but that’s not a bad thing.
      In fact, I like the speed of the combat very much.
    • But still, it would be cool if the sprint button would give you some extra speed. Maybe at the cost of stamina, so that you cannot perma-sprint and have to use it wisely?
    • A very nice addition to the melee combat!
    • It’s nice that you need some time to cast them. So you have enough time in order to…
    • …reflect! Spell blocks and reflects are just great ! It feels very natural to block incoming projectiles. I’ve also had the impression that it’s just fair if you die by a projectile. In chivalry I’ve always cursed archers because it always felt so unlucky if you got hit by an arrow. But now you actually have a chance to block all projectiles and it’s your own fault if you don’t!


    Lags on EU Severs

    I’m from Europe and had a hard time playing on EU servers after 1h of alpha. At first, everything was fluent and smooth, but then we had heavy lag spikes on EU servers. Luckily, the devs responded in the forums very quickly and they work on it already.
    I’ve played a lot on US Servers and with a ping of ~180-220 it’s just a bit weird.
    Today I’ve found out that there is one EU Server (EU 2) which is lag-free at the moment, and playing on it is a totally different experience for me. It was a way more enjoyable experience and it shows how important good ping is for this game.

    • No crashes so far!
    • Very good performance (GTX 970 2560x1440 )
    • Sometimes you get connected to different servers. E.g.: if you connect to Test Europe 1 you end up on Test Europe 2

    That’s it so far for my first impressions ;) This post has already become longer than expected.

    See you on the battlefield :)


  • @sanastro

    Tinker mines can be destroyed through a melee attack, or you can just walk up to them and parry as it activates.

  • @Frodiziak Definitely agree that I feel like when I hit someone there isn’t much impact. I feel like it’s mostly audio, but who knows. In Chivalry when I hit someone with a SoW stab, it feels super impactful. Messer LMB is another great example of a hit that just feels incredibly satisfying to land.

    Parrying definitely isn’t as easy in this game. In chiv it got to the point where you didn’t have to aim your parry at all, and even backparries were a thing. In this game it’s gone back to the roots of “aim at the tip of their weapon”. I think it’s a good change too, waterfalls and z-stabs should be better, although I’m worried about how they will fair against good players. Parries still more often than not go through parries, and they’re not really in the most perfect condition which is probably why you felt some going through.


  • I thought I’d do a lot better since I’m a Chivalry vet, but I got my butt handed to me when I started - I consider this a good thing, since it’ll give more people a more even playing field, but I got used to it pretty quickly. I spent most of my time playing a kick-punching Tinkerer, with a decent amount of Alchemancer, and then Entropist and Vigilist.

    Maps seem good. They get a bit claustrophobic at times? Some of the skirmishing areas are a bit tight for a 6v6 brawl, but the overall size of the maps is good, if a bit funnel-y. The maps look good, although perhaps they could have some banners or tapestries or something that better indicate sides of the map or something for better navigating.

    UI needs a little bit of polish, but right now I don’t have too many complaints. Sometimes it can be unclear what the objective is, or where it is. An Capture Point, teams are too often overcome with bloodlust and ignore an opened point, resulting in an easy cap.

    Movement is okay. Right now, everything feels a little slow and clunky. Jumping especially feels a bit lackluster, and climbing ledges can is awkward and isn’t always reliable.

    Combat is a bit slow. Swings feel more like waving a weapon than, I don’t know, something more snappy. It’s hard to reconcile that with dragging, though. Responsiveness is inconsistent. Some things are great - Vypress’s phase teleport thing, or the claw grabby thing. Other things have a slight delay that makes them ever so slightly awkward to use. And obviously, balance is a work in progress, even though it’s not too bad right now. OH MY GOD COOLDOWNS NEED TO RESET ON RESPAWN.

    I had fun with all of the classes, and I never felt helpless against any other single class. The Alchemancer is kind of the exception, though; he is fun and you feel like a boss if you kill someone that’s trying to run you down, but it is really frustrating to watch someone parry all of your fireballs one after the other and close the gap.

    Fighting multiple opponents is really, really hard, but not impossible, but it’s one of the most satisfying wins you can have. It’s also hard to say if it’s more fun to watch bodies fly after a good Chaos Orb or a Boulder toss. Honestly, the projectiles and mobility options are just lots of fun. I was rarely disoriented by being pushed around, unless the attack was a surprise, e.g. from behind.

    If you asked me, on a scale of 1-7 whether I am likely to buy based on the state of the game in alpha, where 7 is most likely, 4 is neutral, and 1 is not likely at all, I would answer 7.

  • First Impressions! These are after ~80-90 minutes of play. I have over 100 hours on Chivalry, though I haven’t played it very seriously in over a year (real life and all that.)


    • Alchemancer: Played my first few rounds as this guy, so I’m sure I would have a better experience now that I have a better idea what I’m doing, but solo engagements were not fun. It felt very weak in 1v1 engagements. In particular, anything involving a CP against a vigilist felt really terrible since iron dome basically prevents you from doing anything at all.
      • I can’t decide how I feel about the regular projectile. It doesn’t feel particularly slow and powerful or weak but fast. It sits somewhere in the middle. I would like more choice here, similar to choice of bows in Chivalry. It felt like the projectiles, on the whole, were slow enough to be easily blocked by opponents at a distance, but too weak to be much help if an opponent was able to close the gap.
      • Hits didn’t feel very satisfying, unless it was a kill. I think this is a user feedback thing more than gameplay balance. To use Chivalry again, when you land a hit with an arrow there’s both a great feedback sound, and visual cue of the crosshair flashing red. I feel like the SFX for a projectile hit needs to be weightier.
      • The phoenix was hard to aim. Though labeled a “slow” projectile, most of the time I was using it at a close enough range that I simply pressed it multiple times immediately. When I did wait a moment, it was already 50-70% of the way to my target, so hitting the key again to aim didn’t make a huge impact. It was also unclear whether I needed to hold the button down for the phoenix to continue following my aim, or if I could only tap once to adjust the trajectory.
      • No friendly fire seemed to lower the stakes for this, the true ranged class. I didn’t necessarily feel good or bad about this, but there wasn’t the sense of pressure you have as an archer in Chivalry where you really need to make your aim count, or risk killing a teammate and ruining a fight for yourself.
    • Vigilist seems very strong. Mostly I think iron dome needs to be tuned way back. Especially with such emphasis on non-mobile capture points and objectives in several games, being able to block all projectiles over such a large area for such a long duration felt like too much.
    General Gameplay
    • The distance from the artifact spawn to the turn-in on CTF seemed too short. It always seemed to be a huge TDM style brawl in the middle until one side got an edge, and then they just waltzed back the short distance to the turn in.
    • Mobility skills made gameplay very interesting. Particularly with alchemancer and vypress, the ability to move non-traditionally was a lot of fun, even playing against.
    • LShift did not make my character sprint! After wondering about auto-sprint, I checked the forums and found my answer, but this was not what I expected. (I assumed movement would work like chivalry with a regular run and an additional sprint that consumes stamina)
    • User feedback seemed slow for taking hits. Partly, this was likely growing accustomed to the graphical style, the new animations, and the newer (and more plentiful) projectiles. This will likely abate with time spent playing, but the user feedback felt a little sluggish in the midst of a fight. (Sorry can’t seem to be more specific here)
    • Growing accustomed to the abilities of each class certainly took some time. This is absolutely a time-spent-playing issue, but both the tutorial and local games full of bots will be key here to help new players get a feel for the speed, range, size, and damage of the many different abilities. I also wonder if the abilities will all be available from the get-go at launch, or if they will need to be unlocked over time, in a similar fashion to Chivalry’s weapon unlock system.
    • I’ve seen several comments that the combat feels “slow.” While my first impression leads me to agree with this, I remember having a very similar feeling when I started playing Chivalry, which largely abated once I had more experience and a better sense of weapon weight and wind-up time.


    • I didn’t notice my health for the first few rounds. I think this was partly due to the fact that they were in non-traditional colors, and on the right side of the screen. After realizing where and what it was, I think the color change is fine. The health color, though not initially intuitive, did help me remember which team I’m on early into a new match. Though I would prefer if the whole UI element were on the left, everything else would’ve probably been a non issue had I played a brief tutorial or vs bot private game in my first match.
    • I really like the general style of the UI, and the menu layouts were all perfectly intuitive (except the first time I launched the game when I tried to close the settings menu by pressing the “X” and closing the game.)


    • Cel Shading Take this with a grain of salt, because I’m not predisposed to like cel shading very much
      • The hard lines on cel-shaded objects makes the scenes very visually busy. On areas of bazaar and the courtyard map this made it hard to quickly appraise the scene for allies, enemies, objectives, positioning, etc. To contract, sunken city is much more monochromatic, and this is a non-issue there. Edit: After another hour or so playing, this bothers me less and less
    • The character design is really wonderful. I don’t know if there are any plans to introduce any sort of player customization a la chivalry’s color/charge choices, but I personally don’t think it’s necessary here. The different classes are very different, striking, and appealing.
    • I love the change of location, and the shift to more Middle-Eastern/Islamic architectural style pairs really well with all the new ability VFX.
    • I would caution though, per my first comment, about how busy the visual environment is. Keeping track of an ornately wrought, gold artifact is easy in a monochromatic city half buried in sand. But if it were in a room with stacks of other ornate objects lying about it becomes much more of a chore. With the addition of players fighting all around you, it’s no fun to be unable to push an objective simply because you can’t locate it in the visual jumble on your screen.


    • Load times were slow, and the .exe would drop to a “not responding” state for a couple minutes when attempting to connect to full servers.
    • Proximity mines are some sort of dynamic light source or something which utterly ruins my frame rate. I only noticed this when I or someone on my (orange at the time) team used them. I’m not sure if this never happened with purple mines, or I simply never looked at any. Edit: Purple mines seemed less troublesome, but also cause problems. If anyone was tossing mines down in a team-fight the framerate drop made the game essentially unplayable for me
      • My machine: [AMD Phenom II 6 core 3.81 GHz, 16GB RAM, AMD Radeon 6700 1GB] I built the thing 4 1/2 years ago, but it ran everything smoothly on medium with the exception of the proximity mines.

    Final Comments

    Overall, the game felt really great. It was pretty easy to get in to, despite being so different from Chivalry. the variation among abilities is really delightful, and creates some very dynamic play, even with the relatively smaller numbers (I grew quite accustomed to those big Chiv servers.)
    The maps feel like a good size - you can get into play quite quickly - though objectives might need tweaking on CTF to make it more of a challenge to return the artifact to your CP.
    I’ve seen comments about play sometimes being funneled into small kill zones. This first brings to mind the artifact spawn on CTF, but I felt like the number of possible approaches to the artifact spawn location really made it your own fault if you died rushing headlong into one of the small tunnel approaches.
    I’m really looking forward to playing more and seeing how the game continues to grow and develop!

    (I’m a studio art major finishing up at uni with focuses in painting, digital art, art education, and game design, in case you’re curious about where all my crazy thoughts came from)

  • @Vesros Hi and thx for inviting me to the alpha.

    My english is not so good so I’ll keep it short.

    First your game is very addicting and that’s good ! You always continue to have that special kill-moment, hear some more screaming. It’s fun.

    The voice and taunt are perfect imo exactly like I expected good job.

    Now this is my opinion and I’m known to have different opinions different from most people most of the time so lets begin :

    1- Ioading screen need to be a bit more diverse and/or informative
    2- Training mode is gonna be a must. With all these ability I want to know what is what and how does it work
    3- I always played chiv and dw in default fov and never had any problem with it. so (to me) this is perfect in mirage
    4- I didn’t like playing alchemist BUT it felt VERY good playing against him. Hitting the air at the last second while he teleport is very fun
    5- I enjoyed vigilist the most. with all these spell flying around I felt like in a bubble and it kinda send a message like : Jump in my shield bro and lets finish this mano a mano lol.
    6- Climbing on wall is awesome
    7- Game can be a bit slow but when you’re in a 2 or 3vs1 situation it seems fine
    8- fights need to last just a bit longer.
    9- the amount of stuff going on seems ok but we definitely need to go faster to avoid said stuff
    10- objectives : I’m not too sure about them. I sure miss pushing the cart and storming gates. TDM and LTS and FFA are going to be blast tho
    11- My most frustrating experience is being interrupted because the round is finished and it happens a lot.

    I hope my post helped you in some way :)

    again thx for inviting me I’m a BIG fan of Torn Banner. you guys work MAGIC

    see ya in game

    ps : Tibberius bane can you stop rekking me in game plz this is infuriating (lol)

  • Developer

    Haha, sorry Cygnus. I have to take advantage of this window before you guys learn all the mechanics and then stomp me for life. Thanks for all the feedback guys loving reading your thoughts so far, keep it coming!

  • My english is not the yellow from the egg, so i’ll keep my first impressions short :).
    I played now for 14h and i think i got a feeling for the game.

    • The first round felt really slow (melee and movement) but now i got used to it so this is not so much of an problem for me like it first was, but i think for everyone new its hard to overcome. Maybe we should try out game speed like 1.1 or 1.2 if it feels better and still be playable.
    • The graphics are very beautiful to look at, some textures are missing i guess but overall its really nice.
    • The best memorable experience was to win a 3vs1 by bypassing and confusing my enemies with the Vypress, also to block the meteor ability from taurant is funny everytime.
    • My favorite class is the Vypress with the best way to move over large distance.
    • The runtimes to engagement are suitable but as the maps get bigger it should be longer.
    • The time a fight lasts feels like in chivalry, you got 2 heavy hits or 3-5 easier ones and you’r out. With magic its more complex and harder to keep the overview but for now it feels fine to me, sort of a new challenge to master.
    • Sometimes there is really much going on at the same time but i can’t say if it’s to much for now.
    • The layout is ok but in terms of design i dont like the icons in the menue where you change class and ablilities.
    • Some of the maps are a little bit to small so you can finish your objective(ctf) sometimes less than a minute.
    • What we really need for the game are good and more complex team objective modes (conquer bashrani castle and steal aladins carpet) with more stages to complete, nothing like ctf or holding a point, there should be something with a story behind. TO mode is the big deal.
    • The more frustrating experience for me is when you can’t run away from a fight like 5vs1 because of slow movement. In chiv i used all possibilities of movement like run, crouch, jump, duck, dodge to bypass and confus the enemies to stay away.
    • One immediate change could be to change the team deathmatch game mode, when one team only got 2 points left but 7 players running around. Maybe it could be like LTS in chiv so if there are only 2 points left, only 2 player of this team can be on the map.

    I hope this helps you a bit and i hope i see you devs one day ingame to cut out your intestines :P.
    Please keep it going.

  • I played for about ten minutes before I had to close it out. It seemed to be entirely random if my attacks were connecting or not–everything felt weirdly slow, and not in a heavy, deliberate sort of way, but that there were multiple seconds between click and action. Not a lag or FPS issue. I felt like I had to guess if my attacks were at the correct range, and damage seemed uncoupled from weapon or attack type–I got stabbed by a small saber and died instantly, and I’d smack someone with my two-handed hammer and have them just grunt. There’s a lot of work to be done on game feel. Ultimately, it seemed like I was just getting clowned on by people who had internalized the nonsensical systems already, so I was done after about ten or fifteen minutes.

  • Hey!

    I managed to get about 3 hours worth of playing done so far. Here are some impressions.

    • Movement and attacks

    I felt slow, and it felt a bit frustrating. I’ve seen some people speak about a sprint and that’d be a good way to alleviate the movement.

    Since I didn’t play chivalry and the tutorial wasn’t available I’m guessing that’d help me with some of my issues (like figuring out there was other buttons for swinging after about 2 hours of play).

    Swings felt slow and I didn’t feel the impact the way I expected, both visually and auditory. When I hit someone with a gigantic spiked mace I expected a more satisfying bone-shattering thump.
    I’d really like some other way of displaying HP and Stamina aswell, I have a reoccuring issue with paying attention when they’re hidden away. Pic for reference.

    • Performance

    I had no issues at all aside from when I forgot to leave after a round and tried doing it during team selection by pressing esc; the team select menu went away, esc-menu didn’t show up and I couldn’t get back the team-select by the regular button.
    Other than that minor issue I had good frames and no noticable drops of FPS despite my rapidly bittering middle age PC.

    • Rounds and modes

    The game modes were all enjoyable to me, in Overwatch if it’s quick game I’ll instantly leave if I end up on the capture point maps (Illios, Lijiang Tower etc.). In Mirage I played them all without feeling that instant distaste I do in Overwatch.
    The rounds felt a bit long in general, but I can’t say I minded, the only thing I didn’t like was the “tick-tock” of the round about to end was a bit too early for my taste, I think it was 1 minute before it ended. I speak for myself now, but those things stress me out like crazy.

    All and all I look forward to the next test and will try to leave feedback as I go.

    Thanks! And best of luck going forward :)

    EDIT: I’ll add classes when abilities/weapons are unlocked. Feels unfair to complain at this point just because I didn’t like a specific ability.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Played for few hours, here are my impressions.


    • Cooldowns on many abilities should be greatly reduced; it feels strange to wait for them that long.
    • Ripostes works fine.
    • Tried to do extreme drags, but they are nowhere close to Chivalry ones.
    • There should be kick mechanic, like in chivalry. Parry shouldn’t be the only option to take care of incoming strike, especially when the attacking enemy has some backup and you’re forced to run. Also this helps against facehugging.
    • No feints, really? I understand, that some people consider them dirty or whatever, but it works both ways. Tricks may save life, especially when fighting multiple foes.
    • ROHs aren’t the good option to play the game, since accel drags counters them easily.


    • Taurant:

    So far my favorite, because of his interesting abilities. Both aoe abilities (whirlwind / boulder) are pretty nice in terms of usefulness, depending on situations. Charge is pretty neat for gapclosing or even escaping.

    Also I belive its gonna be a very strong class if you’re gonna implement better drags or give weapons that have better draggability. The other thing I suggest about 2h weapon dude is increasing damage on ALL his weapons but also reducing speed on them. My point is, that everyone should be 2-shotable by his arsenal (except Vigilist, who would be 3-shotable).

    • Vypress:

    Seems to be the Man-at-Arms in Mirage, lots of mobility and fun abilities. I like the dual wield characters, so will definitively play her.

  • Global Moderator

    @Blarsch said in First impressions thread!:

    • No feints, really? I understand, that some people consider them dirty or whatever, but it works both ways. Tricks may save life, especially when fighting multiple foes.

    Press R to cancel your attack.

  • @Skindiacus said in First impressions thread!:

    @Blarsch said in First impressions thread!:

    • No feints, really? I understand, that some people consider them dirty or whatever, but it works both ways. Tricks may save life, especially when fighting multiple foes.

    Press R to cancel your attack.

    Or rebind it to something else, if you’re feeling saucy.

  • I played the alpha around 10 hours and this is what i think you need to improve:

    Entropist - the Entropist needs more abilities and maybe you could add a detonate button to the grenades?

    Blocking - the Taraunt cant ever block from a Vypress or a Tkinter but still all classes have this problem. not Achlemancer

    Plant the bomb gamemode - the bomb gamemode seemed a bit boring to me, not sure why but maybe you could add something to make it more fast paced?

    Team balancing and class limits - there is currently no team balancing which is a bit frustrating but its a alpha build so it doesn’t really matter but if there is a full team, maybe you could let 2 people play as the Achlemancer?

    I really like the Alpha and cant wait for the beta

  • ik its not much

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