First impressions thread!

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    Haha, sorry Cygnus. I have to take advantage of this window before you guys learn all the mechanics and then stomp me for life. Thanks for all the feedback guys loving reading your thoughts so far, keep it coming!

  • My english is not the yellow from the egg, so i’ll keep my first impressions short :).
    I played now for 14h and i think i got a feeling for the game.

    • The first round felt really slow (melee and movement) but now i got used to it so this is not so much of an problem for me like it first was, but i think for everyone new its hard to overcome. Maybe we should try out game speed like 1.1 or 1.2 if it feels better and still be playable.
    • The graphics are very beautiful to look at, some textures are missing i guess but overall its really nice.
    • The best memorable experience was to win a 3vs1 by bypassing and confusing my enemies with the Vypress, also to block the meteor ability from taurant is funny everytime.
    • My favorite class is the Vypress with the best way to move over large distance.
    • The runtimes to engagement are suitable but as the maps get bigger it should be longer.
    • The time a fight lasts feels like in chivalry, you got 2 heavy hits or 3-5 easier ones and you’r out. With magic its more complex and harder to keep the overview but for now it feels fine to me, sort of a new challenge to master.
    • Sometimes there is really much going on at the same time but i can’t say if it’s to much for now.
    • The layout is ok but in terms of design i dont like the icons in the menue where you change class and ablilities.
    • Some of the maps are a little bit to small so you can finish your objective(ctf) sometimes less than a minute.
    • What we really need for the game are good and more complex team objective modes (conquer bashrani castle and steal aladins carpet) with more stages to complete, nothing like ctf or holding a point, there should be something with a story behind. TO mode is the big deal.
    • The more frustrating experience for me is when you can’t run away from a fight like 5vs1 because of slow movement. In chiv i used all possibilities of movement like run, crouch, jump, duck, dodge to bypass and confus the enemies to stay away.
    • One immediate change could be to change the team deathmatch game mode, when one team only got 2 points left but 7 players running around. Maybe it could be like LTS in chiv so if there are only 2 points left, only 2 player of this team can be on the map.

    I hope this helps you a bit and i hope i see you devs one day ingame to cut out your intestines :P.
    Please keep it going.

  • I played for about ten minutes before I had to close it out. It seemed to be entirely random if my attacks were connecting or not–everything felt weirdly slow, and not in a heavy, deliberate sort of way, but that there were multiple seconds between click and action. Not a lag or FPS issue. I felt like I had to guess if my attacks were at the correct range, and damage seemed uncoupled from weapon or attack type–I got stabbed by a small saber and died instantly, and I’d smack someone with my two-handed hammer and have them just grunt. There’s a lot of work to be done on game feel. Ultimately, it seemed like I was just getting clowned on by people who had internalized the nonsensical systems already, so I was done after about ten or fifteen minutes.

  • Hey!

    I managed to get about 3 hours worth of playing done so far. Here are some impressions.

    • Movement and attacks

    I felt slow, and it felt a bit frustrating. I’ve seen some people speak about a sprint and that’d be a good way to alleviate the movement.

    Since I didn’t play chivalry and the tutorial wasn’t available I’m guessing that’d help me with some of my issues (like figuring out there was other buttons for swinging after about 2 hours of play).

    Swings felt slow and I didn’t feel the impact the way I expected, both visually and auditory. When I hit someone with a gigantic spiked mace I expected a more satisfying bone-shattering thump.
    I’d really like some other way of displaying HP and Stamina aswell, I have a reoccuring issue with paying attention when they’re hidden away. Pic for reference.

    • Performance

    I had no issues at all aside from when I forgot to leave after a round and tried doing it during team selection by pressing esc; the team select menu went away, esc-menu didn’t show up and I couldn’t get back the team-select by the regular button.
    Other than that minor issue I had good frames and no noticable drops of FPS despite my rapidly bittering middle age PC.

    • Rounds and modes

    The game modes were all enjoyable to me, in Overwatch if it’s quick game I’ll instantly leave if I end up on the capture point maps (Illios, Lijiang Tower etc.). In Mirage I played them all without feeling that instant distaste I do in Overwatch.
    The rounds felt a bit long in general, but I can’t say I minded, the only thing I didn’t like was the “tick-tock” of the round about to end was a bit too early for my taste, I think it was 1 minute before it ended. I speak for myself now, but those things stress me out like crazy.

    All and all I look forward to the next test and will try to leave feedback as I go.

    Thanks! And best of luck going forward :)

    EDIT: I’ll add classes when abilities/weapons are unlocked. Feels unfair to complain at this point just because I didn’t like a specific ability.

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  • Played for few hours, here are my impressions.


    • Cooldowns on many abilities should be greatly reduced; it feels strange to wait for them that long.
    • Ripostes works fine.
    • Tried to do extreme drags, but they are nowhere close to Chivalry ones.
    • There should be kick mechanic, like in chivalry. Parry shouldn’t be the only option to take care of incoming strike, especially when the attacking enemy has some backup and you’re forced to run. Also this helps against facehugging.
    • No feints, really? I understand, that some people consider them dirty or whatever, but it works both ways. Tricks may save life, especially when fighting multiple foes.
    • ROHs aren’t the good option to play the game, since accel drags counters them easily.


    • Taurant:

    So far my favorite, because of his interesting abilities. Both aoe abilities (whirlwind / boulder) are pretty nice in terms of usefulness, depending on situations. Charge is pretty neat for gapclosing or even escaping.

    Also I belive its gonna be a very strong class if you’re gonna implement better drags or give weapons that have better draggability. The other thing I suggest about 2h weapon dude is increasing damage on ALL his weapons but also reducing speed on them. My point is, that everyone should be 2-shotable by his arsenal (except Vigilist, who would be 3-shotable).

    • Vypress:

    Seems to be the Man-at-Arms in Mirage, lots of mobility and fun abilities. I like the dual wield characters, so will definitively play her.

  • @Blarsch said in First impressions thread!:

    • No feints, really? I understand, that some people consider them dirty or whatever, but it works both ways. Tricks may save life, especially when fighting multiple foes.

    Press R to cancel your attack.

  • @Skindiacus said in First impressions thread!:

    @Blarsch said in First impressions thread!:

    • No feints, really? I understand, that some people consider them dirty or whatever, but it works both ways. Tricks may save life, especially when fighting multiple foes.

    Press R to cancel your attack.

    Or rebind it to something else, if you’re feeling saucy.

  • I played the alpha around 10 hours and this is what i think you need to improve:

    Entropist - the Entropist needs more abilities and maybe you could add a detonate button to the grenades?

    Blocking - the Taraunt cant ever block from a Vypress or a Tkinter but still all classes have this problem. not Achlemancer

    Plant the bomb gamemode - the bomb gamemode seemed a bit boring to me, not sure why but maybe you could add something to make it more fast paced?

    Team balancing and class limits - there is currently no team balancing which is a bit frustrating but its a alpha build so it doesn’t really matter but if there is a full team, maybe you could let 2 people play as the Achlemancer?

    I really like the Alpha and cant wait for the beta

  • ik its not much

  • @Reithur abilities on QFV feint on E, not sure what feeling saucy has to do with it, though it reminded me of Blackadder.

  • @Xylvion So you’re one of the few to realize that Hugh Laurie started somewhere other than House!

    I rebind Cancel to a thumb mousebutton.

  • I just played for an hour or so and absolutely love it. Great first impression. My only issue is the movement speed of the characters without pressing shift. Just seems so slow. Sometimes abilities seem to do nothing to enemies despite being dead on and I can’t even tell if team damage is on…if it is it’s definitely toned down from Chiv. Haven’t accidentally killed a teammate yet and that’s abnormal.

    Also, where are feints?

  • Developer

    @kaMMakaZZi9 feinting/cancelling attacks and abilities is bound to R by default

  • I have played about an hour so far and I don’t like the camera controls while dead. It just feels clunky to me. I might do something wrong tho. And besides general optimization I think that the game is great so far.

  • Magic carpet jukes are good stuff. Probably my favorite thing to do is ambush people with the more powerful long windup abilities when I go around corners being chased.

    I’ve had a game where I tricked 4 players into following me into a small corridor only to meet a giant boulder in their face.

    I’ve had lots of fun playing it so far unfortunately I can’t really play it further until it stops crashing my entire PC.

  • Looking at Chivalry (Which I have nearly 2000 hours in), it’s clear to me that you were considering people who didn’t play much of it when you were developing this game (Lack of dragging).

    Why did you remove dragging? This has causes 1v1 combat to be extremely boring between two good players because it’s literally just attack, parry repeat unless I use feints, but people just complain about that. I guess there is the “magical” element, but after a certain amount of time playing, that will also be easily countered with a simple parry. It’s even worse in 1v2 situations because unlike in Chivalry when you could outsmart two weaker opponents by using advanced dragging to hit one opponent first (perhaps with a reverse) and then drag your weapon to hit another enemy, you can’t, and will die 3/5 times. Furthermore, the max fov is too low to allow long time chivalry players to feel self aware, which makes 1v2 combat even harder.

    Dragging is one of the major things which kept people playing and is what kept the skill gap so large between long time players and short time players and it’s clear that by removing it that you either aren’t in touch with the Chivalry community, or you would rather get higher sales to people who quit Chivalry after the first 30 hours because of dragging.

    Most of the people who I’ve talked to about the game (All Chivalry vets with at least 800 hours) have agreed, and unlike Chivalry, I can’t help but think the game will be dead within a year of release.

    Sorry for the criticism, but that’s just my own, and allot of other long time Chiv players opinions on the removal of drags.

    As a quote from someone who I won’t name because I haven’t asked him. “It feels like I’ve already reached the limit”

  • Yeah, that is definitely my #1 issue with Mirage, dragging isn’t really possible which keeps the skill ceiling of the melee combat pretty low. With the addition of abilities and the like we’ll see just how much dragging is needed or not.

    In most of my fights I resort to flash feinting people ( because late feints get double parried even easier than in chivalry) and using abilities to get around or behind people. If they’re competent and they don’t lag there is no reason why they should fall for any feints in a 1v1. It doesn’t feel very skillful when only looking at the melee.

    I’ll have a more fleshed out opinion once I get some more playtime and the network lag gets settled.

  • I absolutely LOVE the graphics and the overall look of the game. Even on my GTX 750ti, it runs great on all high settings. Game seems well optimized, but maybe it’s not very rigorous. Still looks amazing…

  • My frist impressions: I’d like there to be more TO maps, cause i pretty much only played TO maps in Chivalry. Another thing i noticed is that the reach of most of the weapons seem kinda low. Also didnt notice much friendly fire. Unless its 50% already, the friendly fire percentage could use an increase imo.

    About drags: why do you say its impossible to drag? It would be impossible to drag if you couldnt alter the direction of an attack in the middle of it, which is definetly not the case right now. Slowing down the animations a bit so that one could drag more might be a good idea though.

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