First impressions thread!

  • Magic carpet jukes are good stuff. Probably my favorite thing to do is ambush people with the more powerful long windup abilities when I go around corners being chased.

    I’ve had a game where I tricked 4 players into following me into a small corridor only to meet a giant boulder in their face.

    I’ve had lots of fun playing it so far unfortunately I can’t really play it further until it stops crashing my entire PC.

  • Looking at Chivalry (Which I have nearly 2000 hours in), it’s clear to me that you were considering people who didn’t play much of it when you were developing this game (Lack of dragging).

    Why did you remove dragging? This has causes 1v1 combat to be extremely boring between two good players because it’s literally just attack, parry repeat unless I use feints, but people just complain about that. I guess there is the “magical” element, but after a certain amount of time playing, that will also be easily countered with a simple parry. It’s even worse in 1v2 situations because unlike in Chivalry when you could outsmart two weaker opponents by using advanced dragging to hit one opponent first (perhaps with a reverse) and then drag your weapon to hit another enemy, you can’t, and will die 3/5 times. Furthermore, the max fov is too low to allow long time chivalry players to feel self aware, which makes 1v2 combat even harder.

    Dragging is one of the major things which kept people playing and is what kept the skill gap so large between long time players and short time players and it’s clear that by removing it that you either aren’t in touch with the Chivalry community, or you would rather get higher sales to people who quit Chivalry after the first 30 hours because of dragging.

    Most of the people who I’ve talked to about the game (All Chivalry vets with at least 800 hours) have agreed, and unlike Chivalry, I can’t help but think the game will be dead within a year of release.

    Sorry for the criticism, but that’s just my own, and allot of other long time Chiv players opinions on the removal of drags.

    As a quote from someone who I won’t name because I haven’t asked him. “It feels like I’ve already reached the limit”

  • Yeah, that is definitely my #1 issue with Mirage, dragging isn’t really possible which keeps the skill ceiling of the melee combat pretty low. With the addition of abilities and the like we’ll see just how much dragging is needed or not.

    In most of my fights I resort to flash feinting people ( because late feints get double parried even easier than in chivalry) and using abilities to get around or behind people. If they’re competent and they don’t lag there is no reason why they should fall for any feints in a 1v1. It doesn’t feel very skillful when only looking at the melee.

    I’ll have a more fleshed out opinion once I get some more playtime and the network lag gets settled.

  • I absolutely LOVE the graphics and the overall look of the game. Even on my GTX 750ti, it runs great on all high settings. Game seems well optimized, but maybe it’s not very rigorous. Still looks amazing…

  • My frist impressions: I’d like there to be more TO maps, cause i pretty much only played TO maps in Chivalry. Another thing i noticed is that the reach of most of the weapons seem kinda low. Also didnt notice much friendly fire. Unless its 50% already, the friendly fire percentage could use an increase imo.

    About drags: why do you say its impossible to drag? It would be impossible to drag if you couldnt alter the direction of an attack in the middle of it, which is definetly not the case right now. Slowing down the animations a bit so that one could drag more might be a good idea though.

    • How did you find the pace of the game?

      • it feels clunky
        • may increase sprint speed 20% and make it a auto sprint. 99% of the time ppl will hold down shift if out of fight. Holding shilft to walk would make more sense to me.
        • the time it takes for a skill to show up on my screen, after I pressed the button on my keybord is by far to long … It feels rly unresponsive.
        • on top of that skills get Interruptet by normal atk’s that rly shouldend be a thing … Interupt happening anyway way to often, probably because every guy who is just spaming left click can do that.
      • ttk feels ok to me
      • ability cd should be reduzed to a maximum of 20 seconds (projektiles for example), and the majority of skills should have a 15 second cd, because it’s just boring to avoid a fight because your skill is still on cd. Let this two guys fight right now and not stare to death for 15 seconds^^
    • Crowd control, were you frustrated by interrupts or the amount of movement imposed on you?
      • in 6h of gameplay I got 3 times knocked down and 3 tomes charged and 3 times pulled and one time punched in the face. That is rly not that much of cc … not sure if that is a good or bad thing.
      • frustrated by interrupts … a lot … it takes just 0 effort to Interupt smb. Only skills should interupt skills and probably not all skills should be able to interupt something. Most of the time ppl interupt skills because they want to dmg the enemy and not becaus they thought “oh, let’s interupt this skill real quick”. It is happening randomly, a lot.
      • if two ppl hitting each other with 1 ms delay, one should take the dmg 1 ms later and not just one hit the other guy at all, because the hit from the second guy gets interuptet by a normal atk.

    Side note:

    • it’s rly hard to find a Server … looks like on EU are only 24 ppl at max. That leads to rly unbalanced matches.
    • the game would feel better in a 5v5 senario
    • Spawns: it happens way to often, that 3 ppl are still alife and the enemy team has still 6 ppl … now 3 ppl spawn in, but untill the come to the fight the other 3 are dead because they had to fight a 3v6 and now the same thing happens over and over again. #nofun
    • ppl with 90 ping could hit through my block (RMB) … it happened several times … is the hitdetection client based in this game?

  • My first impression on Alpha#2 compared to Alpha#1: Combat feels more weird now.

    I can’t really figure out what’s different. Maybe it’s the changes in game speed, but combat in Alpha#1 felt way more satisfying for me. (I’ve mostly played Taurant in both alphas)

    First, It seems that vypresses are faster and it’s hard to survive against multiple enemies if they are just charging around you like crazy.

    It’s also more frustrating to play against alchemancers for me.
    In the last alpha it was okay to fight someone while an alchemancer casts projectiles at you. Somehow I’ve managed to block both, the projectiles and the melee atatcks. In this alpha it seems that alchemancers cast a lot faster, which makes blocking everything almost impossible.

    I can’t really figure out whats the big difference. Maybe it’s because of the maps and game modes, which force you in different combat situations…
    Maybe I’m just wrong and remember things wrong because the last alpha test was 3 weeks ago…

  • First Impression after 6 hours of play.


    • Run speed is too low. Even the tinker, which is labelled as “high speed” feels like a knight in chivalry.
      • The time it takes to get to the objective is ok, but in a battle I cannot run away from an enemy even though they appear to be just barely in range. I think the fast classes should be faster.
    • Attack speeds are all too similar. Dragging does not seem to exist. I tried taking what I imagine was the slowest weapon, Taurant’s mace, and hitting a wall with an overhead. I tried looking down and crouching vs. looking up just enough that my weapon would still connect. The difference was marginal, definitely not enough to get past a parry unless my opponent parried extremely early. This makes all the weapons feel the same, save for animations on where they hit.


    • Spawn times are too long. Disregarding the bug where it the game adds an additional two minutes, it can take up to 20 seconds to respawn, even in short objects like the lighthouse objective push.
      • Especially in TDM where there is no reason for the spawn timer to be long, I specifically remember having to wait 17 seconds one time, and I can guarantee I did not deal any team damage (if that system is in place) because I ran out by myself and died.
    • Ability cooldowns seem fine.


    • Feints are not very effective because attacks are pretty slow and dragging is almost non-existent. Many times you can simply double parry, making the battle mindless (early parry everything, if they feint just spam parry and try to move and create space.)
    • Attacks went through my parry tons of times, however I think the main reason for that is the latency (closest populated servers gave me 100ms) and also
      • attack animations are bad. For example the taurant’s overhead: when the windup ends he suddenly spasms into the release animation and it does not look at all smooth. Characters barely look up or down when you angle your camera, so it is difficult to tell if the incoming attack is supposed to be fast or delayed. Not that it matters much, but in the scenario where attacks can be dragged, this is important.
        • I don’t know why the animations look bad. I understand it’s a new game using UE4 instead of UE3 and currently in alpha, but if you take a comparison to Chivalry, the difference is night and day. Chivalry’s animations are smooth, flow together, and the damage dealt is predictable (if you grasp the idea that the weapon damages anything in release state). Having no reverse overheads is understandable, but when your weapon phases through someone because they were behind you, even though you SEE if happen (if third person), breaks the combat.
    • FOV cap is too low. In chivalry I’m used to 140 degrees at 16:9 aspect ratio. This allows me to see a good amount of my surroundings and also my weapons animations. Mirage caps it to 120, which feels like tunnel vision. I feel the need to switch to third person just to be able to properly switch between targets or see incoming threats. I don’t understand the reason for this cap. If you give players third person, why limit FOV?
    • It’s interesting that the Vigilist, the only shield bearer, can riposte. The downside is that she cannot hold up the shield a la chivalry, but I like this change. Mechanic wise, she doesn’t actually have a shield. I don’t think the shield can passively block attacks or projectiles, so really it’s there for aesthetic purposes (she doesn’t even have a shield based ability, as far as I’m aware).
    • Crouching is pointless. In Chivalry, you can duck slashes (and sometimes stabs) by holding Ctrl and looking down. I had someone slash at my head while I tried to duck, and I still got hit.
    • I see there is a weapon tab next to the abilities tab when selecting a class. I assume this means each class will have more than 1 weapon in the future, which would definitely allow for diversity in the weapon timings.
    • It’s hard to tell if someone is sprinting or walking mid-battle. This is important because some players like to run in circles and spam attacks instead of blocking. If you look at the knight wielding a longsword from chivalry, his walking animation has the weapon down at his hips, while sprinting it immediately is raised tight to his chest.

    Voice acting

    • Is great as expected. Randy savage taunts and the tinker’s battlecry are by favourites. The lists for the options are pretty straight forward and didn’t take too much time for me to remember the hotkeys for my favourites.


    • The art is great. Some maps have a strange black border around the objects (can’t recall the map name, but it’s outdoors, has pink pastel brick walls, a square structure in the center, and is designed for TDM.) Compare this to TO_Academy which looks amazing and doesn’t feature this Borderlands-esque outline.
    • Music is good as well. Really the overall theme of the game is nice.

  • Hi, I played Chivalry for 1k hours on pubs and in a clan, this is my first feedback of Mirage:

    After 13hrs, I can say it was enjoyable, it has real potential to be played for an other 1k hours. So thank you to give me the pleasure to test it.

    Here is a list of many things I have noted while playing the game, they are only my point of view and I’m not sure if they are relevant :

    • Movement key binding -> I’m french, Azerty keyboard, lost 30min to figure out how to fix that (answer: use US keyboard in Windows Languages Preferences)
    • fov 140 at least (150 would be good)
    • I’d like to kill the other ennemies when they lost the match, it’s a good reward !
    • Spam voice command, weird to stop a previous voice command, but ok, it can help to fix a bad order
    • Good to have taunt annimation when moving, but better if we can stop it to fight (same when not moving)
    • like the heart sound when low life
    • need kick to help fighting
    • need fist to fool the enemy
    • do like combos with abilities and strikes
    • what’s about 12v12 on big map ?
    • need fire pot, because people on fire is fun (and it’s good in term of tactic)
    • voices : they are ok, but maybe need to be more ironic, stupidly natural (and may be more clear (because english is not my mother tong…))
    • automatic free cam after death (or body stop moving), boring to have to click to free it.
    • Like chiv it’s unplayable with high ping adversary (>80)
    • Longer nick name pls, mine is cut (stupid long nick name is fun)
    • like in chiv a big voice to announced the new objectives
    • autobalance, and below 5v5, one member missing in a team and it’s just rape, so match making needed ?
    • add a voice “KILL THOSE WIZARDS !!”
    • add passive spell (+2 attack, slow the ennemies…) ?
    • alchimist could be a healer, or spell some skeletons
    • For the carpet guy, can’t see much difference between grenade and heal purple bubble.
    • Duck: the upper body part cannot lean much, that kill the duck, that’s sad, (and we cannot avoid projectiles this way), and that kill the matrix movements too :’(
    • no reverse over head, that sads me too, don’t tell me its not natural, magic it not natural either. (just give a lower damage for early touch)
    • fun suicide annimation (chiv’s dismemberment is simple and fun)
    • like to see faster movement, for better footwork skill, and to be able to avoid projectiles
    • would like to jump higher
    • a fun pushable, a cart full of dead body is fun, a lamp is not. (though it is a very beautifull lamp)
    • is there Team Damage ? I guess yes, but not enough
    • I wonder if projectile collision sphere is not to wide, parry them some time doesn’t give me the impression to have touch it.

    My point of adding combat techniques: movement, weapons (duck, ROH, fire pot, kick), is that more a game have possible combinations more it is a skilled based game.

    Actually, the bigger issue with the game is that the first 2hours I was kind of lost. Hard to parry and attack, the weapon can be very slow or very fast, it’s weird. And the team fight can be frustrating, hard to many see thing coming, cannot handle everything and get killed very quickly. So it can be hard for new comer.
    The other problem is the world in which the game take place, when I was a kid I dreamed of being a knight, not much being an oriental fighter with magic spell, but you can’t do much about it (or may be very beautifull and exotic map, that gives us the feeling to travel).
    But it has a very team combat tactic potential, need some friends to test that !

    General Feedback for Environments, Maps, Levels:
    We want to know about all of the following;
    Anything you can get on top of that could be considered an exploit

    • In academy map, at the last part of the last objective, the defense team can go through a window, by the way what the point of blocking the way ?

    Is objective progress or indicators displayed in a way that makes sense?

    • Ok, but in academy map, first objective, having a notification on 90% objective realisation is to late, 80% would be better.

    Other map observation:

    • more map world diversity : africa, south-middle america (maya, aztek), eastern asia, and with some more nature
    • better, more fine texture quality, and diverse map architechture, I mean they remember me quake 3 arena, block, cubes, I’d like to see a real town, a real castle, where every room, open space are different.
    • Like a lot the “jump over wall” feature, that make levels fluid
    • but would like to see wider flat battle ground, teams fight can be more clear this way may be.
    • Lighthouse : good map, too short map, can be very quick to win
    • Objective map is short in time, I like long Chivalry objective map

    Team Deatmatch Mode:
    Does the on-screen respawn counter make sense?

    • Well, the top counter, I didn’t get it, is the respawn counter or the number of kill made ? I think showing the number of kill made is better, just because it is a positive objective “KILL MORE!” not a negative objectives “Don’t get killed pls”.

    Is the match timer long enough? Too long?


    • I have seen color problem : orange team have its top score indicator in blue WTF ?!

    Thanks for the game, looking forward to see improvements and test it again. :)

    Edit: I don’t know if it is possible right now, but it will be great to be able to choose the direction of the parrying projectile in order to realy fight back the launcher or to target someone else (or to play Pong :)

  • Developer

    @Hutin said in First impressions thread!:

    Longer nick name pls, mine is cut (stupid long nick name is fun)

    What name did you have that was getting cut off? Would help to have a reference point.

    Really good feedback post as well!

  • Invitation to the Alpha Build 2nd Round

    When I received my very first invitation to the 2nd round of the Alpha Build I was induced with such excitement. Such excitement that I felt like a child in a candy store with the motive to grab all that I can get in the set amount of time provided before I had to give it back up. I wanted to share it with my closest of friends from my hometown school; friends who I’ve influenced into sharing an experience within Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Both who’ve played the Xbox 360 and PC version. However, they hadn’t signed up for the Alpha. No candy for them until a possible 3rd Round Alpha Build Invitational or the Beta Invitational.
    As I’m taking in all this metaphorical candy in for only myself, the time has run out and it is time for me to give back to the studio.

    Computer CPU and GPU spec going into game -

    • AMD Phenom II x4 965 3.4GHz Black Edition

    • AMD Radeon R9 380 ASUS 2gb Strix Edition

    Main Menu Comments & Notes

    Upon entering the main menu of the game, I was greeted with a visually stunning background design with a simplistic interface layout for the 2nd round Alpha Build. Shortly after being lured in by the captivating background of the main menu I couldn’t help but bring my attention to my cooling fans that were steadily increasing in rpm’s as I idled in the menu. As this sparked my curiosity I opened HWMonitor to find that the main menu had utilized 100% of my GPU while still having a reserve of 50% room for my CPU. I’m not sure if this may be of any importance but the main menu warmed up my GPU to 71C with default graphic settings with a minor adjustment to the shade quality to medium.

    HWMonitor Results0_1477528615890_upload-1e1fa96c-b7b2-4565-ae68-83a5962f560e

    Also, I’d like to note that in the options menu, the buttons could use some love with the color. Specifically the button “Apply” and “Reset” when hovering over or clicking.
    Another note for the color of things would have to be the score card in a match with the player’s team being blue instead of the faction’s own unique color.

    Game Play Comments & Notes

    The game play mechanics was exquisite to say the least. Overall performance was smooth as butter.
    The sword and skill play among the six classes was truly an art to be mastered. The level of choice presented from the sword play on top of skill play gave me a feeling of immersive combat timing.
    Although, climbing ledges was a big issue for me. When it comes to game play, I was basically dry humping the walls just to get up and over a ledge on the Lighthouse map outside the spawn nodes with the hole in the wall. On other maps it was easier to spot which obstacle was climbable but as for Lighthouse It wasn’t as distinguishable to what could be climbed upon and what couldn’t.

    Lighthouse Pacing Comments & Notes

    Finding the pace of Mirage was a song and dance like that of Chivalry. It was a familiar tune and I enjoy it.

    I feel like the pace on the Lighthouse map with the objective of Capture the Artifact and the Push objective game modes could be tinkered. Mainly “PUSH”. It seemed like after the first spawn upon death in either mode one team was pushed up to the others node to capture. . leaving the other team with one more chance to counter-push. Best 2 out of 3 if you will. It felt like a game of tug-of-war with a rock-paper-scissors element. After two consecutive deaths the round was usually over. Which can lead to a fairly quick ending of a round, but, overall it brings a sense of a compelling “last stand” to defend or one more push and it’s victory.

    Character Comments & Notes

    -Quick note-
    While in a match and pressing the “K” key to bring up the character customization menu. If pressed again instead of the cancel button the menu would disappear but the camera view would remain in a 3rd person rotatable state until the “P” key is pressed changing the player view model back to a fixed 3rd person to 1st person view.

    I loved the different styles of combat that the characters had between each other. Each with their own strength and weakness against the other. The selection of skill choices and magic varying from the different classes that one possessed added a different step to the dance for me to follow along with. The classes had their own personality and fighting styles and I enjoyed playing as all of them. Although, I managed to only note a few.

    Vigilist - For how sporting the Vigilist is presented. I think that the bubble sphere for the Vigilist is promising yet possibly lacking

    • Possibly add a buff to not just deflect and have some knock backing effect but also a healing effect or even a resurrection deflection bubble.

    Alchemancer - The Alchemancer was by far the squishiest out of the 6 characters. With how in tune this class is with magical powers I believe the Alchemancer could be more, to counter balance the up-close engagements with magical evasive movements

    • Possibly being able to deflect back enemy projectiles with the default mouse2 ability that causes him to do an evasive float or jump back maneuver.

    • I also think it may be useful for the Alchemancer to have a magical evasive phase like the MAA’s dodging ability in Chivalry except with a double tap of the movement keys or the jump button that allows the character to essentially phase out of space and evasively side step in the directed movement consuming the stamina magic.

    Vypress - An elusive nimble class that I thoroughly enjoyed playing as.

    • Enjoyable as it was, I felt like the standard throwing dagger skill could be revamped in the interruption department to either interrupt a swing or some skills. Perhaps take a skill longer to activate or a snare like effect when struck

    Mirage: Arcane Warfare was so elegantly mesmerizing in the time that I had participated in for the Second Round. There was absolutely no way I could not have been enticed to see the potential that the studio brings to the future making of this game!
    The cultural atmosphere that the world of Mirage brings forth is utterly beautiful. The color and design of the maps and characters was stunning. I would love to see more of these cultural designs and props in the maps to really bring together the “feel” of an ancient Persian/Arabic magical fantasy.

    Thank you for the invitation! It was a pleasure testing the 2nd round of the Alpha Build. I look forward to other play tests and providing more feedback to the studio in the future.

    Best wishes

  • I’ve played Mirage (2nd alpha) between 2 and 3h and Chivalry for about 700h.

    Even if I wanted to be surprised, I will be honest and admit that I was looking for a game like Chiv’. I’ve been a little disappointed, but there are plenty of good points too.

    I’m aware that 2h of time played is not long enough to be able to understand all the mechanics in depth. However, in my opinion, there are the most important because generally it’s enough to know if you are interested or not to spend more time into it. Plus, 2h is the time threshold for steam refound.



    • I’ve mostly played the Taurant and Tinker. I liked the fact that all classes seems to be different and I hope that with some others weapons each of them could have its own originality.
    • I would have rather preferred numbers in spite of ranks for classes specifications (speed/health). It would be easier to compare classes in the menu selection this way.


    • There are already 3 levels for health and speed, so why not 3 levels for magic too?
      All these abilities seem “too much” for me. The number of spells should be different according to classes and regarding their purpose. For instance, Taurant class which is focused on melee could only have 1 magic spell or 2 passives powers out of 3. Like that, players like me could have 1 or 2 class(es) a bit more dedicated to melee.
    • Mines shouldn’t be in the game. It’s very frustrating to get killed by them.


    • Good thing that the shield can’t be held.
    • Draging is here, and it’s great. The one handed Tinker’s saber seemed to be easier to drag than the two handed morning star of the Taurant, though.
      *“Feint to parry” directly implemented as an input in the options was a good surprise.
    • Animations seemed strange but I guess it’s cos it’s not Chivalry.
    • Parrying mechanics were quite disappointing. I didn’t understand the timing. Sometime I was hit through my parry and other times I could totally hit my enemies through them.
      However, regarding magic, it’s good to be able to defend ourself this way. Moreover, parrying magic blasts is not too hard.
    • As the majority of weapons are one handed, It was very hard to deal with more than one enemy at a time. Magic makes crowd control worse.
    • The information showing the way how you’ve been killed is a very good idea. (i.e. X killed you with overhead, slach etc.)


    • I loved the fact that we can climb walls by using the jump input. Very convenient to move faster to a certain point, have the element of surprise or to flee.

    Maps and objectives

    • Overall map sizes seem good. It’s not too long to go to a specific point of to find a foe to engage.
    • CTF was not clearly explained, first time with the flag I didn’t know what to do.
    • Dynamic points capture is better than regular capture that you can see in other games.
    • TO maps were a bit too simple. I widely prefer TO like we have in Chivalry (different things to do, different areas etc.) than just pushing a wagon like in Overwatch.


    • Health and Stamina bars are too small. It’s hard to look at it quickly of with peripheral vision.
    • No need to have the icon of the class we are currently playing on the screen.
    • Despite the two elements above, the HUD was clear enough to understand what was going on.


    General design

    • The game’s art is quite enjoyable. Maps are beautiful and quite clear to understand and memorize.
    • Even in low settings the game is still pretty.


    • Overall aspects are great, each class is well designed and can be distinguished from afar on the battlefield.
    • Voices are good and funny.


    • The best design point in my opinion.
    • Musics fit the gameplay quite well.
    • The ambiance (voices, FX, weapons sounds etc.) is very good too.


    • The game isn’t too “greedy”. I play on a laptop and I could have a good fps rate at 1080p (native resolution). No freeze or bad frame dropping too.
    • Even in low I didn’t noticed too much clipping or such elements like this.



    • I guess it’s cos of the alpha status but the option to change movement keys is badly needed.
    • Overall changes in the options seemed bugged too. Sometime nothing was kept and others default setting were saved instead of the new ones.


    • Some useful console commands are missing: fov and aoc_drawtracers.


    • Loadings were very, very long. I thought several time that the game had crashed.
    • If you join a game while the map is switching the game crash.
    • Some parts of the Tinker glitch when you crouch.


    • All these abilities were a bit frustrating cos I was expecting a game very melee based with only a bit of magic. It was hard to know what I could do and what people were doing (specially the Vypress).
    • Design is very good.
    • Even if there are still missing a lot of features, I liked playing this game and I’m looking forward for the next implementations and modifications.

  • @Vesros said in First impressions thread!:

    @Hutin said in First impressions thread!:

    Longer nick name pls, mine is cut (stupid long nick name is fun)

    What name did you have that was getting cut off? Would help to have a reference point.

    Really good feedback post as well!

    It was “Ж Ӏ Hutin! Hutin! Hutin!”, and was diplayed “Ж Ӏ Hutin! Hutin! Hu” if I remember well.

  • Developer

    @LeoEffect + @Fat_Squirrel - awesome feedback guys, you’re the model of how to do this! Thank you. Looking forward to showing new changes to you guys next round.

  • @playerhayter I look forward to the new changes and next time around I’ll be more prepared on the notes to take.

  • So far, having played yesterday and some today, I can say this game has a LOT of potential. It is incredibly fun, I love the chosen art style (some preferred the more gritty realism of Chivalry, but I like this one as it feels unique), and the skills system with the magic is fantastic!

    Some changes I’d like to see:

    More magic skills. I don’t know if you guys already intend to do this or not, but having skills we can unlock as we play much like in CMW we could unlock weapons by playing.

    BALANCE: I already see this as a pretty big issue. Teams need to auto balance, moving players around if one team gets too small. So please add this in for the final game. Also, please nerf the big mace guy, his attacks are a little too strong. I personally find he is too hard to kill, and he kills too easily. Maybe take away some of his health or tweak his damage output.

    Respawn count: This is far too long, it should be taken down by at least a few seconds, preferably more.

    Movement/combat speed: I honesty feel like I’m using a knight in Chivalry, trying to wield a maul–and these characters do not look like they should feel so heavy and clunky when playing them. I don’t think it needs much tweaking, but just a little bit–I would love to see both movement speed and the speed of attacks increase.

    Blocking: Bring back Chivalry’s blocking style. It’s so much better to have to be looking in the direction you are trying to block, rather than just have one base block that can stop anything in front of you! That said, being able to reflect magic is freaking AMAZING. Please keep this in!

    PLEASE HAVE A DUELING MODE! I seriously miss this from Chivalry, and duels with these characters could be a lot of freaking fun. So please, put this mode back in! I’ve talked with a fair amount of people that agree with that!

    Overall, I love the game so far. It is only in it’s alpha stages and is already an amazing game. I’m very pleased to have been able to test play this game, and for a roughly 30 dollar price tag, so far it’s looking like it will be well worth it. This has made me super excited for the final release of this game!

    Keep it up Devs, I think you’re doing a fantastic job with this title, it’s heading in the right direction!

  • Yeah. Duel mode would be cool.

  • I really like this game so far! It has way more melee focus than I expected and everything just looks and feals great. Also it already seems to be less buggy and laggy than chiv. The fights are very intense and less cheesy than in chiv. I’m sure, op moves like constant gambling and backswings won’t be missed by anyone.
    Here some random suggestions for improvement:

    Improve the balance. Stacked teams were the main fun killer in chiv and in my 5 hours of Mirage. It would be great if you could find an autobalance system that considers different skill levels as well as groups of friends who want to stay together in one team (i know that’s kinda unrealistic but maybe there is a way)

    Improve the feedback when hitting enemies or teammates. I’m used to get a red hitmarker when hitting enemies from chiv and now it stands for td, which is kinda unintuitive. The feedback for ripostes and headshots is great though.

    Add duel mode, FFA, LTS and more diversified TO modes, some large scale sieges would be funny.

    The audio commands were a bit laggy, I’m used to spam them at high speed from chiv but now there is like a 1 second lag after pressing 1 or 2, where I can’t activate one of the commands. The sound comes with an additional lag too, after pressing the second key. This needs to get more fluently. The appearance of audio commands in the chat feed is a nice idea, but maybe don’t activate it by default.

    A higher fov value would be nice. Especially when fighting the vypress, its sometimes very hard to track the movements of your opponent with the low fov.

  • This is going to be a rather short feedback and I apologise as I haven’t really had much of an opportunity to play the alpha to give a well rounded opinion for the current build for test group 3.
    Initially, I was not sure about the game due to coming from Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and so found it rather jarring in adjusting to the new mechanics. I found this was mainly due to the new abilities of each class being another form of attack other than just melee that you would get in MW.

    So far my favourite character class is the Alchemancer. Personally, I’m a sucker for ranged classes however I would also say the Tinker is also very satisfying to play. With the Alchemancer, I do enjoy the ability to fire projectiles and slightly guide them after firing so that they may weave past friend, foe or obstacle. The fire rate for missiles I find is fine however more often than not my character fires one more missile more than intended if I click a bit too preemptively making it slightly difficult to recover if an opponent begins to charge you. The option to quickly use a knife in combo with the missile is a nice addition but Thumb mouse button 2 doesn’t seem to be very important for the alchemancer since it’s just another basic attack.
    The teleport ability is very useful and responsive but would it be possible to get a toggleable confirm cast? I am still able to teleport to general location I intend to go but sometimes estimating the range and conditions is a bit too quick.

    Again, I apologise for not being able to give more information about the other classes. As a general note for combat, it is slightly difficult to judge the reach of weapons both for myself and judging opponent’s attacks, generally this makes it slightly difficult to block however this may be a carry through from C:MW. With given time, it is easier to be able to identify the different class offensive abilities and when to block them however it is very overwhelming when faced with 3 different classes at once. The ragdoll on death is slightly excessive, it is appropriate for kills when using the large AoE abilities or explosion/force based abilities however sometimes I find bodies flying after being hit by swords without the use of abilities.

    Other things I noted were that hit boxes on environment were not very clear: most of the time I am able to strike through the ground and some objects without collisions with weapons which may be an issue with people carrying out combos in tight areas or near walls. For example, using the heavy mace it appears to travel through the wall and floor without contact unless the player moves close to the wall. There was on texture issue I saw in the spawn room of the level Mirrors (Not sure which team spawn, apologies again) with the library where the side of the bookcase had some texture clipping through and caused a flickering effect. Another is arms clipping through the leg when looking down, though I was playing on highest FOV, as well as some of the armour such as the Tinker clips through the body model slightly, particularly the gauntlets though this may be slight nit picking.

    Overall, I very much look forward to the final game and anything new that will be coming as it is nice change from C:MW, I still heavily enjoy playing C:MW but just as much will look forward to playing a new FPS combat game. :)

    Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in the alpha!

  • Picture of the bookcases on mirrors that Zenjubo mentioned.

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