First impressions thread!

  • @Zenjubo oh and one more thing, the quick chat has a very long delay between choosing the quickchat and the character speaking the chosen voice line.

  • after playing for a few hours my first impressions are thus:

    The aesthetic is awesome, really well done. The maps are gorgeous. The character models alternatively fit well with the look of the game but also look kind of off as well. They look grittier than the maps which is a little odd.

    Gameplay is something I’ll have to experience more but it seems pretty solid so far. I don’t quite like that cool downs don’t reset at death, but I understand the reasoning behind it. The game flow is usually slow enough that it’s not a big issue. I find that they are a little slow overall, but I get that they are supposed to be an addition to the melee, rather than the other way around.
    The freedom of movement is a great feeling, with vaulting and wall jumping giving lots of vertical options, with the map design reflecting this. Juking and climbing around really helps offset the slower move speeds.
    I feel like the strafe step is a cool feature but the distance feels really short. it doesn’t really help dodge projectiles since it’s so short. I haven’t used it much but I’ll play more with it.

    One thing that I’ve found that needs improvement is the animations. in most cases it’s good enough Bu I found that on the Vypress’ thrust and overheads it is really very difficult to figure out what I’m doing. The left hand sword is quite long but from 1st person it seems really damn short and there doesnt seem to be a lot to help distinguish what step of the attack you are in with it. It might be cause I’m not used to having alternating hands swinging, but I ended up a couple times confused as to what was actually happening.

    It would be nice to have more customization for the classes, or a little more break down as to what option offers.

    I saw Tiberius with the Alchemancer skin, and it looked pretty cool, though it was a little drab.

    Overall I’m really pleased with how the game is turning out. I’m glad the TB decided to do this instead of going directly into Chiv 2. It’s really easy to see that this change in direction is good for the dev team.

    Keep it up.

  • Well.
    I have no complaints about graphics or maps- they are done okay.
    But gameplay… It’s slow as hell. While in Chivalry I am able to do such amazing things every minute, everything is much faster, much more action- in Mirage, however, it feels like I’m fighting a bunch of paralized guys. Like really, it’s so freaking slow.
    Also I’d really like something more massive, like 12v12 or even more. 6v6? Really? Pfew.

  • Whatever’s on your mind!

    God if you guys could just merge this, with Vanilla WoW, you guys would be multi trillionaires. If you need an IT guy to help, let me know, LOL!

    What was your most rewarding/memorable experience

    Going 14-0 in TDM as Vypress

    What class did you enjoy the most and why?

    Vypress hands down. Most fast paced class, and most similar to Vanguard in Chivalry. Plus you get projectiles, just lethal. So fun.

    How did you find the pace of the game?

    I think the pace is fine for what it is. I know people have been complaining about that, but I think it’s fine. You have abilities that let you cover ground fast, so I don’t know what everyone is complaining about.

    run times to engagement - fine
    how long fights lasts - fine

    general impression of amount of stuff going on at any one time

    Love it, love the action. Larger player maps would be awesome.

    Crowd control, were you frustrated by interrupts or the amount of movement imposed on you?

    Im an old school WoW player, 2k rated in PvP, this part made me laugh.

    Queueing, did you accidently queue something or did queueing ever fail/feel wrong?

    yes, but who doesn’t?

    Maps, -rad
    Layouts -rad
    objectives -rad
    What was the most frustrating experience?

    Learning how to play mage, and their slow melee. After sometime, they rock tho, with the bullet curving you can do. They are good when there isn’t a lot, or any of them on your team. You need at least 1.

    What do you think we could do to improve the game the most?

    maybe larger maps with more players, but shit might just get too crazy with all the abilities. Would be fun for mods/custom servers custom maps etc. to try out. Make an MMO using the exact formula as Vanilla WoW, and I would literally have no life. Maybe next game? You guys are doing a great job. It’s so refreshing having a game that’s not a hitscan arena shooter, or any other played out genre. Thank you TB!!!

  • I was really pleased to see much of the Chivalry combat system still in place!

    How did you find the pace of the game?

    I’d like to see the game running at the same speed Chivalry’s public servers run at. The super slow pace probably made it easier to assimilate all the new information and helped me consider which abilities to use, but I imagine wanted to play much faster once I have a few hours played and feel more competent.

    run times to engagement

    It felt fine relative to the speed of the rest of the game

    how long fights lasts

    I wouldn’t mind if the fights were slightly faster.


    They were all pretty! Very nice art style.


    As a first impression, the layouts felt fair but it was pretty obvious both teams were still getting their feet underneath them.

    What was the most frustrating experience?

    Not immediately understanding any of the game modes. Atmospheric ques about demiglyphs (demigogues?) were flavorful but they weren’t able to usher me to where I needed to be. Simple tips explaining the game type in the loading screen would likely solve this.

  • My initial impressions.

    I wanted to be fair about it so I came in expecting nothing, I didn’t want to have any preconceived ideas of what the game would be like from playing Chivalry. I immediately found that the base gameplay was very similar to Chivalry, which I suppose is a good thing since Chivalry is currently the best full-freedom swordplay game out there.

    I picked the Taurus since draggable two-handed weapons are my comfort zone, although I’d prefer if I had more weapon variety to play. His base weapon seemed to handle like a double axe in terms of speed/damage/range. I’d much prefer to have used something that plays like the Longsword instead, faster and more reach. I ended up trying each class for at least 20 minutes or so. I liked that I could parry “spells”, felt nice.

    The spells all had cooldowns, meaning that in order to play my character at full efficiency I’d be using the spells as often as they were available. This essentially means I’m shoehorned into playing my character one specific way. If my spells could be used as often as I wanted, but fed off of something like a mana pool (or even just your stamina) it’d open up a lot more possibilities. I understand why certain abilities might benefit from a cooldown (like projectiles) to stop players from just sitting there and spamming their ranged attacks and never going into melee combat, but things like Taurus’s push ability seems like it’d be more fun if it just used stamina.

    The base combat felt extremely clunky and wonky. I constantly thought to myself: “how did that hit me?” and “why didn’t my attack connect there?”. I also experienced a lot of lag and freeze-ups (my internet download speed is over 100mbps and I have a GTX970 gpu, so it’s definitely not a problem on my end), which only made things worse. Chivalry’s combat isn’t exactly perfect either, but Mirage definitely felt worse. Whenever I’d get pulled or pushed, it was extremely disorienting because the game already felt so weird at a basic level it was just amplifying the clunkiness.

    Sprinting and any spells that make you leap/charge/teleport forward still feels awful, just like they did in Chivalry. The Man-At-Arms was unplayable for me because his movement skill felt so terrible, and sure enough all of the movement skills in Mirage feel terrible too. Something about the long delay before the movement skills actually begins and the fact that your character moves less than a centimeter has always been bothersome for stuff like this. On the plus side, being able to climb up ledges is really nice, it adds a vertical element to the game that Chivalry never had.

    That’s all I have to say for now.
    oh and give us higher FoVs (I used 130 in Chivalry) and a “Duelyard” mode please.

  • @Vesros

    So this is coming from someone who was a huge fan of Chiv, if unfortunately a bit late to the game’s population peek. I would like to preface this with the fact that i so far LOVE the game. Its chivs combat style, and cheeky play style with the taunting and feints and the quick plays, but you guys put in the perfect hook with the ability. Yes they do need work but seems like you guys already know that, and there’s always going to be a exploit no matter what you do. So with that said i’m going to point out some of the things that bugged me a little while i was playing. (And although i love chiv and a second game hint hint would be amazing! I recognize that this isn’t a chiv clone and deserves its own name.)

    Now i’ve only played a bit, and maybe it will grow on me, but man it just feels like there is no difference than walking, or at least not enough. in chiv it felt like a big deal but part of that was the stamina, and the animation so that could be it. However still it just doesn’t feel like i’m in that much of a hurry when I sprint on any character. Also the jumping doesn’t seem to get you as far as it should. It’s weird to explain, but i just feel like i can only do bunny hops.

    Directional abilities;
    I know you guys already know about some abilities being OP, or just acting funky, but the thing that keeps getting me is why cant i do the leap attack/quick step omni directionally? It just feels kinda off to only be able to go the direction your looking. Like if i’m going down a walkway after an opponent and a second comes at me from the side why can’t i just move backwards by holding D and hitting the ability?

    feinting ability;
    So when you’re using an ability you can be interrupted, or sprint and be interrupted, and the attack can be blocked, so why can’t i feint a ability? I know that seems like a waste, but if a player is in a bad way it can make a life and death difference.

    Other than that i’ve not really any complaints you guys still make awesome games! thanks a bunch for future games in advance from a eternally loyal customer!

  • Was 50+ in Medieval warfare, so I was pretty hyped for this game. The first impression was pretty good overall. I like how my skills from Chivalry are still relevant. Just gonna list good and bad things.

    -Combat seems much more polished although sometimes skills don’t hit when it feels like they should.
    -Regenerating health goes much faster, creating less downtime between fights.
    -Classes seems somewhat balanced.
    -Artstyle is pretty good. The Classes seems interesting in playstyle and looks.

    -I use alt swings/slash a lot, I noticed when you try to alt slash you have to hold in your bound key (mine is “b”,) and then press mouse 1. This is just plain stupid as it doesn’t feel as responsive and takes more time. I don’t know if its an option for this, I couldn’t find one.
    -You already have a long respawn timer (Which I think is good.) Why do you also have to wait for your abilities to cooldown? In my opinion those should reset everytime you die.
    -Mines and hard cc. For what purpose? I don’t feel like they add anything good or depth. They slow down the combat and just adds trivial tasks such as blocking your way through a minefield, or spamming movement skills in hope that you can dash to safety once the cc wears off.
    -Artstyle is good, but the game seems unfinished (which it is, i know.) It feels like the textures could use a tad more detail.
    -3rd person has meen refined. Feels better and more straightforward. The problem here is that its way better than first person, especially with people climbing and dashing all over.
    -Animations seems somewhat off… I feel like they were a lot better in chivalry.

    Sorry for the poorly structured post and etc… I wrote this in a hurry because I want to get back to playing.

  • @Doginclothes
    You can feint most abilities, there are some you can’t, Shove, Disperse, Dervish, Shadow Kick. But most you can.

    Mouse 4 and 5 work for alt slashes.
    You can destroy mines by hitting them with projectiles or melee attacks as well, if you’re playing alchemancer you can easily remove them from combat with your LMB.

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