Weird graphics stuttering

  • Hey all, beef here, I have:

    Intel 3570k
    8gb ddr3
    3gb 7950

    Game stays at 60 fps and then when rotating or fighting game goes to 3fps, then 60, very rapidly back and forth.

    I can’t wait to play for real and give a whole bunch of feedback on this awesome game!

  • Oh and i’ve tried all the different settings and lowering the resolution

  • Developer

    Next time you’re playing, can you try using the “uncapfps” console command?

  • Hey Sir Loin,

    There’s a couple of additional commands that will be helpful to diagnose your issue. Typically when I play and want to keep tabs on performance, I use the following:

    stat fps
    stat unit
    stat unitgraph

    Posting a screenshot that includes the unitgraph can help us narrow down the source of the hitches.

    Another couple of helpful commands are:

    memreport -full
    stat startfile (only let this go a few seconds before using stopfile)
    stat stopfile

    Posting the result of those dumps might help narrow it down.


  • Developer

    @TBPhoenix @Sir-Loin-of-Beef

    Some of the profiling commands, e.g. stat unitgraph, will only work if you use the Development executable (second launch option when you try to launch Latte from Steam), FYI.


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