Fed up of my archery unlocks resetting.

  • 21 kills to unlock the final bow, 5 to unlock the heavy crossbow.

    21. 5. 21. 5. I am seeing this over and over again. I’ve now unlocked both of these THREE TIMES, and each and every time when I change servers or quit/re-load the game they reset back to these figures. I’m getting incredibly sick of it and I don’t see why I should keep having to get these kills each and every time just to get the weapons I want.

    Is this just a brief quirk or am I forever destined to spend an hour unlocking these weapons again and again? Can you not look at my Steam ID and fix it or something?

    Edit: Other countdowns have increased again and I’m re-showing as rank 0. Ugh.

  • The rank seems to fix itself*, at least, although I suspect the weapon progression isn’t being stored online for whatever reason and reverting to the last known instance. Can a dev not fix it for me and restore my weapons?

    *Well, restores to the previous session, as per the other.

  • A hotfix to address this and other issues is coming soon, but no ETA yet.

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