First Impressions (from Video)

  • This is a random order.

    1. Make sure shields dont cover too much of the screen (remember the old buckler)

    alt text

    1. Same concept for spells - need to be able to see your target

    alt text

    1. Durability

    Given its a different type of game play hopefully classes will be more durable i.e. instead of dying in 1 to 3 hits it is increased to something greater (like 3-6).

    1. Team Objective

    The times like early in the day when we play 6 vs 6 two players (at least in pubs) can dominate the server, perhaps that is where match making will come in, hard to guage a person skill by their rank though, lots of rusty rank 40s or 50s out there now and its easy to create a new account to reset your rank. Perhaps auto balance when someone drops out can be smarter with who it switches (balancing the number of kills per team or something like that).

    1. Boots

    Are there matching boots for this dress? And can we customize characters to lose the helmets?

    Ok fine how about this - is she dual wielding weapons (that would be rather cool)

    alt text

  • Developer

    Great post Gregcau.

    1. Still open to tuning, it doesn’t obscure your view nearly as much in game at present.
    2. This is definitely a challenge for us. We’re trying to use a mix of transparency and positioning to make visually tracking your targets easier.
    3. Just like in Chiv, our classes have varying degrees of squishyness. It’s a balance between feeling rewarded and feeling powerful as an attacker and not being unfairly penalized as the one being attacked. All still open to tuning.
    4. We aren’t yet able to talk about matchmaking, keeping matches fair and even will be another challenge for us.
    5. customization is in the plan but we aren’t quite ready to talk about the details yet.

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