Full Trailer: Opinions?

  • When I saw the first teaser trailer I was sorta iffy, but now that I have seen the full one and I’m excited to see whats coming. The hits look like that have good impact like Chivalry and the magic, ohh man. I could see so many funny things happening from the force push thing. Launching friendlies into battle… Anyways, super excited, but what do you guys think?
    I also had another question. How computer intensive will this game be?

  • I’m pretty stoked for anything from tb. I’ve been playing Chivalry for a few years now and was just curious if they had announced a second one yet and discovered they were making this game!

    I’m glad we get to keep the gore! That’s part of what’s so appealing to chivalry is the ridiculous gore.

    I’m stoked!

  • I’m very intrigued. I loved Chivalry. Still enjoy firing it up now, and then. I put in over 600 hours into it, gifted copies to friends, and have a blast with it. True there are some problems TBS never managed to completely iron out. But on the whole the game was a really great first effort from a small upstart.

    I’m also a HUGE Masters Of The Universe fan. I have been all of my life. The trailer I saw evoked a lot of the memories watching the incarnations of MOTU over the years. Skeletor, Evil Lyn, Hordak, Evil Seed, and Count Marzo were but a handful of skilled combatants who also relied on sorcery in battle. This really reminded me of those battles. I don’t know if the developers are also big He-Man fans, but the similarities are there.

    As far as the system requirements go, it is a Unreal Engine IV game. From what I understand it is a bit more scalable than UE3 was initially. But I would also suggest people will need a decent processor, and graphics card to run it on even medium settings well. The life span of hardware has also expanded over the last ten years. It used to be that if your machine was five years old, it was time to put it out to pasture. These days new games manage to run on 10 year old processors as long as the video card isn’t crummy, and there’s a respectable amount of RAM. If I had to guess, I’d say the minimum would be a second generation i3 with 8GB RAM, and an Nvidia 9800GT probably running the game on minimum settings. Recommended will probably be something like an i5 16GB, and a GTX780. But I’m just going by past experience. I could be way off the mark. It all depends on how efficiently they coded things, managed memory, instructions, and so forth. Since I’m not a developer, all I can do is guess.

  • Tentatively excited. When I heard about this, I wasn’t that hyped for it. Archers in Chiv were bad enough, but everyone throwing around magic? Sounded like cancer.

    Now, however, i’m a bit more hopeful. One of the devs recently said that everything (or mostly everything) will be able to be parried. It sounds like it very well could be a enjoyable, skill-based game.

    Another contributing factor is that even if this game sucks (which at this point I don’t think it will) then I can just go play Mordhau when that releases.

  • Trailer is a bit meh… but after 2,5k hours in Chivalry… I’m ready to adapt something new.

  • Developer

    For those looking for more information, we’ve been in the middle of the first press demonstrations of Mirage, here at GDC this week. Some articles up already:



  • Can I tweet those yet?

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