Will the "Man at arms" style class be able to pretty much teleport like on chivalry?

  • Will the “Man at arms” style class be able to teleport like on chivalry, or will it be slightly slower like the ninja roll on Deadliest warrior?

    I’d expect it to be some sort of instant teleportation since it’s a world involving magic and what not.
    Would anybody have any problems with this?

    EDIT: Sorry, I’m new to this forum thing. Sorry if this isn’t a viable topic.

  • @Cros

    Depends how it is implemented, I hate fighting MAA due to so many dodges and ease of stamina regain unless you are constantly running after them, but it would make sense in Mirage to have something like that, though hopefully it is not such a “short” distance and is limited in the number of times it can be executed.

  • Developer

    We have a lot of movement in Mirage so it was really important to have a solid movement system and as a result of this even quick and long movements feel really smooth for you and everyone involved. We have dodges in various forms but nothing quite as big or quick as the MAA one.

    We have one teleportation ability for the Alchemancer (guy with the large hat) where it’s the intended result but other then that everything should feel really smooth and look good.

    And it’s a good question btw!

  • The real question about teleport - will we be able to find jah and ber runes so we can make the enigma runeword so that we can use teleport with other classes as well?