The Current state of the game observed last night

  • @loin said:

    Well your not a credible source at all tbh, You used often used to come on site just to argue with me and many others
    on this site. Now you say you embrace RoH compared to Feints which are a natural and part of the game on release. Even in
    training mode it was mentioned. I also play lots of T/O modes. INfact it would account for 97 percent of what I play in Chivalry.

    As for laughing at the steam hubs as a credible source of information, that is unacceptable but simply demonstrates a sense
    of a superiority complex. Those steam hubs are full of a wide range of contributors from veterans to new players, many don’t
    visit site here yet.

    Seeing all these fanboi’s defend the game on the hub brings to mind a picture of us all in a boat with a hole in the bottom
    While everybody is arguing about who caused the hole and why its there , nobody is actually fixing it hehe.

    In general I only argue with you and Lemon. Lemon because I hated the fact he add a comment on every thread that often would show he never read the thread and it was just to increase his post count. But those are times past, he is a moderator now which is fine because despite my arguments he always took the high road.

    Why I argue with you I dont recall, but in this case I take issue with you coming on the forums and trying to tarnish Bill Doors name who as far as I can see is a totally stand up guy who was a gentleman on the forums and a gentleman in game.

    As for credibility Im hardly a credible source, I have my opinion, which might be right might be wrong sometimes I cant even tell.

    RoH I dont mind is my opinion, I think it surprises noobs but you get used to it - far more than close up feints.
    RoH were always there (I believe) its just people didnt make it popular until the last 6 months.

    Overall you didnt really make an argument as to why RoH are a problem, or why they are worse than feints (which IMO they arent).

  • I think Loin said Bill Door was the user who reported the other, shady fellow.

  • @dudeface said:

    I think Loin said Bill Door was the user who reported the other, shady fellow.

    oh… I retract that then for being unable to comprehend english.

    In my defense I did say I’m not a reliable source of information.

  • The game is still very good to some. I always said it should be split into Two modes. say mode 1 is 1st or 3rd person
    no RoH, instant kill over head haks for want of a better word, all the other stuff out also. IN this mode players can stay or

    Free Style mode 1st person only no holds barred combat. Everything applies RoH to your heart’s content, drag, feint
    infact the only reason a kick should exist in that mode is for racism. Just by playing in that mode you accept no complaints
    about combat are valid.

    Having tried Two high spec video cards over this week, on max settings in video menu, I noticed a few problems.
    for example when on a DE official server yesterday Every time I went to swing back to attack with primary sword
    I had a lag hit for 2 seconds, also 3 players names who I came across often over the next 3 maps of T/O caused
    that feeling of me packet losing to them in combat. It always happened if you got the better of them about to initiate
    that last killing blow, suddenly I’d freeze for split second, they only recovered by killed me? It is possible imo that
    some infact escaped that script of packet or made a slight variation of it. What stuck out was it only seemed to apply
    if I was winning the fight with one of them as to finish them off at that instant.

    Any way my suggestion is for a group of 4 players or more even in TB offices to head to any T/O server or FFA.
    Set all video settings on low or off. Set the max fps bsmooth to 120 in engine file. Then confirm that you had no
    spikes, lag interupts or combat freeze ups…

    I suspect that a setup with all maxed out with video cards , of which many players do so, is what’s causing quite a few
    combat freezes etc or spikes. Simply put if this test proves that by low settings none occur , then 1 or more settings
    of a video card at maximum is infact causing a lot of Chivalrys online problems. This could be worth exploration to find.

    recap: Video set a lowest settings - even down to 600 * 800 that low one wouldn’t matter for test. A group or single player tries it
    out and reports back if the amount of freezes or seeming problems are gone or at least reduced substantially .

  • Interesting as it might sound I found plus made a minor adjustment to video settings today to get the full 120 fps on low settings.
    also just 1 tiny second of lag on one map out of 6 played. A video setting or Two on max settings is causing most of the problems
    online for players imo. To prove this I tested it earlier on a completely different computer with the same results. No lag spikes
    at all. ON the plus side jumping into yet another FFA just now, revealed as usual teaming exploiters/glichers who were caught
    on a screenshot by me. When a player complained about them teaming / exploiting to which one replied " you mad Racist N word"

    On my screenshots just now one is named Tada with other not named. which displays a contempt for fellow games by
    teaming exploiting with racism . To think I was only out testing video cards today but did not have to wait even 2 mins before
    this usual behaviour took over yet another FFA mode game on an Official server tbh.

    Least I forget this last video card is very low spec indeed. gtx 750 basic card no thrills, turning off one certain setting in Nvidia
    panel and all low in game for clean crisp no lag game at all.
    The screenshot link if admins want it but mainly to show crisp fps no lag on a very low spec card

    btw old xeon 3330 with gtx 750 my netflix pc was used in this example:

  • Developer

    @loin Have you done enough playing around to identify what setting you finding cause the mini lags?

    You can always report people in official servers to our mods, particularly if you have evidence. That’s why they’re there.

  • 24 maps almost in 2 days across 3 different pc’s , no lag spikes at all but won’t post yet until its confirmed etc.

  • ROHs are easy to deal with if you hold down S (or another binded key) lmao. If you play the range game they’ll have to work for it.

    I cant say this technique sucks cause i use it frequently, its gotten me out of life or death situations (me, a mere level 30, bloodied by a level 45, fighting LS v LS. When he was going in for the killing blow I ROHed and killed him instantly.)

    Theres nothing more gratifying than hearing a scream and seeing your enemy’s weapon fly up in the air, and then turning to see your enemy bleeding out on the ground when you pull off that successful rainbow…gets me all teary eyed XD

  • Tad tied up atm, will be trying a few pc’s over the weekend to locate exactly what video settings set a high could be causing
    the most mini spikes or problems. Its not just about dealing with RoH but many players seem to simply trying to line a foe
    up for some bs move, including a quick animation flick or crouch toggle into jump kick, its almost seems macro’d buttons.
    I also noted as you do actually get the better of one , your up against 2 or upto even 4 of such players teaming up using the
    same stuff. Today for example I noted one was a clear 40 plus kills ahead who then tried to callvote kick another player who
    simply had a ping higher then everyone by about 30 ish. I mentioned that its quite lame for a player using such glichy exploiting
    with a team of players also doing it helping him who has the nerve to then try to kick a normal player simply because his ping
    is 30 higher calling him a lagger hehe. Lets also consider as your norse sword touches his chest for the fatal kill , he then kills
    you with an instant overhead even with a maul, Some players that rely on such crutch gaming are near ranked 50 plus
    with less then 250 hours, profiles hidden. When I jumped on the lower ranked servers a while ago , I did find new players
    could not kill me hardly at all, using just normal sword swings with parry sometimes or a few cominations, As for all the other
    stuff why an earth the players relying on crutch gaming such as the glichy animation breaking or bs moves even need to use such
    against very new players is beyond my understanding. All it does is just cause some of them to uninstall Chivalry and move on
    for good even. Lets not even discuss the 3rd person ones yet

  • I counted 7 and over teaming on official 24slot ffa server no 5 today. its a night mare, its almost like being in a roger rabbit movie
    , all trying to team the server with game crutches. I don’t think FFA in its current mode is even worth me considering a worth or
    playable mode any more. It was never this bad back in the day of game release, players had a sense of honour and pride to win
    an outright FF un assisted or in a large team of cartoon players.

  • @loin said:

    I counted 7 and over teaming on official 24slot ffa server no 5 today. its a night mare, its almost like being in a roger rabbit movie
    , all trying to team the server with game crutches. I don’t think FFA in its current mode is even worth me considering a worth or
    playable mode any more. It was never this bad back in the day of game release, players had a sense of honour and pride to win
    an outright FF un assisted or in a large team of cartoon players.

    Adressing the teaming in FFA (+ time wasting in LTS):

    Same might be said for LTS, where 90% of players tend to duell it out, wasting everyone elses time in the process. Problem is, how is anyone going to prevent this in LTS? A similiar “issue” is the teaming in FFA.

    Adding an amendment to the rules adressing this issue would be nearly impossible, as it would take tons of evidence to prove that someone was indeed teaming. Secondly, what would the punishment be? It cannot be more than a server kick, anything else would be too harsh.

  • I do agree not much can be done in Chivalry, That LTS mode I stopped playing quite some time ago due to duelling types.
    gamers stuck in spec because a group takes over to each duel the last foe one at a time hehe. Even a protest gets you voted off.
    As for Teaming in FFA one simply sticky saying its against the rules now, might help if it gets even worse. Many players often
    speak out against it in FFA during the games. If I was a betting man the majority of players would like to see teaming reduced
    in FFA or just removed, even veterans of the game. Or even stopped. After private servers can still allow it. Its even worse when instead of a large
    group of toony maul knights also with some with messar swords do it but sometimes you get 4 spear men also helping them hehe.

    If the climate changes or TB introduces a change in this mode later in the year I would support such a change.

  • I’ve been vote kicked for ducking under swings too much when on a server with a bunch of bad players. They said I was exploiting, all I was doing was crouching and looking down to dodge their swings, it even says to do so in the tutorial.

    It gets pretty hard to swallow people complaining about exploits that are simply a guy moving his mouse around in a pattern.

    I thought mouse sensitivity doesn’t matter in chiv since your speed is capped during weapon swings.

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