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  • Imo what peeves the community is when after a day of bringing the members out of shell to talk/chat with the Developers that
    they then up and leave without word, infact not even a post or comment for 3 days or more, esp at weekends, I note a lot of
    the last asked questions on reddit are not responded to simply because you lot up and go for the weekend. We are in an age
    of Technology so its really so easy to check in the sites via even a mobile phone or ipad? This is not the Victorian days
    were answering or continuing to interact with the community is decided by getting back to some office with a horse and cart
    for Monday hehe. Other sites and Twitter, companies manage to interact 7 days a week on all sites they run. Why even kimiko
    when she was a member was always about , even at weekends plus interacting or making threads with us, for many many months.

    You know its just a case of one or two of you sync your mobile device in turns if the team is going to vanish for 2 days to a week
    without word. Just yesterday I got an alert via phone about a utube comment, ITS that simple really, the age of technology .
    remember that ok

  • Loin layin down the law. Make Loin community “vice president” 2016.

  • @Oy That’ll be the day, laugh

  • Developer

    We’ve been answering a lot questions in the subreddit lately with the Developer Q&A there - probably worth your time checking that out!

    This weekend/week is going to be a busy one for us, as roughly half the team are going to be at GDC. Writing this from there right now. We’ll get to questions when we can of course.

  • Loin wants developers to work weekends answering questions?
    They should ignore their families and be glued to their mobile waiting for an intelligent reddit question?


    who is going to pay for the overtime - Loin will?

    It might peeve Loin but I doubt the community expects developers to answer questions on the weekend…

    If you setup alerts to your phone for a youtube comment… um why? Do you get paid to answer youtube comments?

  • @gregcau you’re quite off the mark as always tbh. They answered questions over the weekend infact. Its a modern age
    most have a weekend presence even if just a shadow. Conventional hours are a thing of the past unless your tied to a factory
    Esp if the company is ours and was founded by a team of go getters. That utube alert I got was simply a standard thing to gadgets
    nowday’s that all want to snyc your settings as usual.

  • @playerhayter Well that turns out to be a waste of time tbh.
    Despite me alerting an admin of a troll on my threads on Reddit , one of them actually condoned it and tried to make
    humorous of it. Then after yet again reporting the same person for copying my text to use it in a reply plus general
    harassment I let the admin know. Later on I find Unborn has banned me for a week. Not for actually posting on site
    but from a private message where he gave me a warning, as A result I kicked him from both my steam groups.
    Any person that condones trolling admin or not , is not welcome in my groups.

    Now I find he has banned me claiming hostile and shit posting. Which was not mentioned earlier or any ban.
    at all. The fact is privately on any site messages are for private discussion. Not to make up bans on the main site
    as a result of a private comm.
    This is a result of my kicking him out of my groups and blatantly abusing his admin at reddit.

  • Obviously a spoil brat. I informed him I will be reporting him to higher ups at Reddit so just receive permanent ban
    from unborn in a private message. This proves simply continued abuse by this unborn assassin. Good job I kicked
    out this nasty brat from my steam groups earlier tbh.

  • He has tampered with my inbox now so even replying to his bs is not an option.

  • It’s like seeing Ned Stark die all over again… Damn you Unborn, ya Lannister Bastahd.

  • Who is Ned stark? Alexis Ohanian founded Reddit you know. He is on twitter and another site I use tbh.

  • You know I am going to get to chat to Alexis Ohanian who founded Reddit within the next week.

  • I am still waiting for an apology btw. Blatant abuse of power get rid of him tbh. Do we assume this is how the normal
    admins of our game conduct themselves , I think not, its most abnormal tbh.
    let alone the ones that are still admins simply filling a slot but never playing
    this game at all. Its funny how we don’t have EU admins handed this power as if a birth right.

    Its actually interesting to find out how many people have been dealt this kind of shite by that admin both on reddit and in
    our game Chivalry on servers. You don’t want that kind of trash as admins in your next game Torn Banner an opinion shared
    by many and my self during private discussions with my gaming friends very recently.

    I couldn’t find the tweet button has it moved?

  • This post is deleted!

  • There goes his head!

  • Proven point tbh. Some moron is calling me deranged in a reply on that site run by those crass admins yet its not even deleted
    or challenged by them, As I stated before even on the site , its only drawback is the very fact friends and colleagues can vote
    posts up plus down for people. Also I while banned the same morning one some how my karma? went into a negative hehe.

    As I have still not received even a word of apology from ------------- censored hehe, thankfully I have established comms with
    the founder of that site , so perhaps I would simply suggest he removes that admin all together from reddit and any of his prior posts.

    I would suggest TB gets either new admins or a new channel or even emphasize members and interest parties in Mirage uses this
    site, as its now new , with fully working chat rooms plus a good look. Stick a link to this site on TB’s trailers to Mirage. pin one
    up in the steam hubs announce , even tweet the link to this site with the Trailer mentioned also.

  • @loin said:

    Who is Ned stark? Alexis Ohanian founded Reddit you know. He is on twitter and another site I use tbh.

    Game of thrones reference.

  • @loin said:

    I would suggest TB gets either new admins or a new channel or even emphasize members and interest parties in Mirage uses this
    site, as its now new , with fully working chat rooms plus a good look.

    Speaking of which im still looking for a forum mod position. Killer Krabs said that they would be looking for console players in the future but I dont know when thats happening. I sent a message out to him but I dont even know if I’ll get an answer back tbh.

  • Don’t expect any response imo. Why just the other day not one EU Admin was actually on at our EU times hehe LoL.
    What happens is they tend to eventually just like having a position for its power and status but not actually being around much
    at all once settled in . I fully agree with you that console section needs its own Admins here and in game.

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