Losing Weapon Progression

  • For the third time tonight, I’ve lost most if not all of my weapon progression. The first time, I didn’t really bother to complain about it because I hadn’t gotten very far with the weapons, so I shrugged it off and just re-acquired them. The second time it happened, I was fairly annoyed, but again decided to just work on getting them back again.

    Finally, the third time it happened was around ten minutes ago. The server I was on crashed, and I lost connection, so I was transported to the title menu. Seconds later, the game itself crashed. I went back into the game to find that the multiple weapons that I had worked so hard to unlock had been completely reset.

    Does this happen often to players? What causes it? What can I do about it?

  • @b3h47pte:

    This issue will be fixed on our next hotfix which will be announced soon – it is mainly to fix a couple minor bugs that mainly deals with server operators but this will get addressed too.

    Your unlocks however are unrecoverable, sorry about the inconvenience.

    So… join the club :|
    EDIT: Rather, welcome to the club; you’re already there and it’s lonely and we have base weapons again.

  • Right. Thanks for responding. I guess I’ll just work on getting them back again while the update is in the works.

  • Im having a similar problem except my level also keeps getting reset from 11 to 0. I say keeps as I can fix mine for create a game but as soon as I join an online server it resets again.

  • I don’t lose progression, I just can’t progress. Been stuck at 64 kills for the 3rd tier weapon all day :/

  • @venomblade:

    I don’t lose progression, I just can’t progress. Been stuck at 64 kills for the 3rd tier weapon all day :/

    1. Try switching servers. Some servers seem to be experiencing a problem where weapon unlocks stop tracking after a certain point, which is only resolved by a server reset.

    2. Log out and back into Steam - this also sometimes fixes the issue.

    3. Unlocks will never track on a server with less than 6 players. This is intentional to help prevent “farming” unlocks with friends.

    4. If none of the above helps, a hotfix is in the works that should solve most of the problems with progression

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