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  • GTX 1080

    For those of you not aware if your playing Chivalry as your screen simply goes blank , then in to a crash
    it might be your video card drivers, I recently noted such a crash on my gt730 2gb card: testing this after
    placing it in another computer and updating the Nvidia drivers on that pc the crash happened again.

    361.01 driver, I would suggest the drivers is ok with GTX cards only. Just to confirm after a complete removal
    of nvidia and a reinstall of say any driver 307. whq even or up 340. the problem no longer existed…
    if your are using an older video card, don’t let hat geforce update drivers automatically or even gefore exp installed.

    I am sure a few gamers not so tech savvy might have thought it was Chivalry causing these crashes but its not tbh.

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    They say may for release good luck. i would say Q4 atleast for these puppies to go on sale, cant wait though, the jump in performance from these cards are meant to be the biggest ever. so should be pretty good

  • Well, they said launch in May. Might end up being July before we see volume shipments.

    Should be quite interesting, either way. I am looking forward to the increased power efficiency. AMD might be competing on that front once again, one can hope.

  • I have noticed a slight flurry on the ebay. The gtx 970’s have been dropped by over £130 by certain sellers both business
    plus private, Infact a person was in such a rush to list his gtx 960 card he forgot it was his 4gb version not a 2gb, so off course
    as I am a big shark in the pc component bits for many many years, sensing his brand new card was under priced I had it in
    3 mins of being listed, expects a nice new msi 4gb gtx960 today , if I revealed the price a bounty would be on my head by
    other pc hobbyists “wanted Dead” no alive hehe…

    Despite this I would bet within this month they are released some off those gtx 1080’s,

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    Yea AMD specs are similar in terms of hardware, but AMD being AMD wouldnt even bother, to many issues, pay the little extra and get something worth while

  • I have to say after trying that MSI GTX 960 4gb video card on my old zeon x3330 p5qse-plus motherboard with 16gb of ddr2 ram
    which in it self is rare for a ddr2 775 board to support. Running windows 8, It played Chivalry last night for many maps
    at max settings. Having opened speccy to monitor the temps they did not go higher then 53. Considering I just locked
    frames in the engine to 60 fps max , using 600*800 at fov 90 it was a very impressive card. I have grown fond of it already
    plus considering getting a second as the bench marks for 2 in Sli are great, a 90 percent improvement on one utube video.

    Imagine that. 1 8 pin connector for power is all it needs. So running 2 in sli would be very good imo and cheap low powered

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