Admin Plugin

  • I think that having a built in Admin plugin similar to sourcemod would be extremly usefull, as the Unreal engine is mostly rcon driven admin; which of course can’t be limited. This could of course be done with a mutator, and I myself am currently looking into coding one, but this could be quite a clumsey way of doing it. Not only that but I’ve never worked with UT engine mods before so it could be quite difficult.

    A built in admin, with several levels/user defined levels of would be extremely usefull in keeping servers running smoothly, and well run server keep players intereted. Especialy with the history AoC has for teamkill, as ff is presumeably going to be kept as it is a vital part of gameplay in the mod, it will need a way for server operators to easily controll administration functions.

  • +1 for anti griefers / TK’ers

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