Update to solve the mecanics bugs

  • Hey everyone,

    Anybody knows if a future update will be released ? because I have now almost 800 hours on this game, and i can’t play more than 1 hour since few months (not because of the connection or something, but the anger). Eveytime i fight , either i can’t touch the ennemy (my weapon pass through the body) or i have to spam on my button to do just ONE attack ! And sometimes , as if that wasn’t enough, the blow stops itself.

    Thx to those who will answer me.

  • Sounds like an issue isolated to you. Do you have low fps? High ping? Packet loss? Other games perform normally? Need more info cause others aren’t having these issues.

  • No i don’t have any problems like that. I have a very high speed connection, and none problem for the performance (r9 380 and i5 3570). A friend has the same problem, we did some duels on a LAN server, and he had 25 ping, i saw my weapon pass through his body so many times (he said the same, he saw that) and same for him.

  • What is your actual fps in game? Open the console and type stat fps. Otherwise, try basic steps, validate files, uninstall and reinstall, etc.

  • That is pretty unique, over (3 years?) never heard of that issue. Can you record a video (after reinstalling) and perhaps post as many specs as you can (hardware). Also try and narrow it down - you cant hit anyone at any time with the first hit - is the hit delayed or are you like a ghost?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thx for your replies. i will try to reinstall in tonight, and if the problem continues i’ll put a short video on the topic.

    my specs : i5 3570-r9 380- 8Gb RAM- MB Asus p8h77-v.

    i don’t have any problems on others games. When i hit someone it depends, sometime i i’m like a ghost, or i have to spam my button, especially my scrollbutton.

    My mouse is new, then it is not it.

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