Official Playtest: Wednesday March 16th 7 - 8 PM

  • Developer

    Hi folks,

    It seems like Wednesday night is our best shot at getting a bunch of mods into a match!
    The server will be up all day so feel free to drop in earlier if you want to get warmed up; likewise the server wont be kill after so feel free to stick around and play.
    Things seemed to go pretty wall last time, the biggest problem we encountered was a laggy lilboots and people not following the install instructions.

    If you haven’t done so yet, now’s a good time to go through the tester guides and install the alpha_testing beta branch.

    Playtest Goals

    Same as last time really, but we wanted to give more players a chance to get into game, lots of copy paste below!

    • Collect “first Impressions” feedback from you
    • Get players installed and into game, how can we improve installation process?
    • Identify areas of improvement in coordinating tests and communication (ex. does this work? was the doodle good, etc…)
    • Test out server setups
    • Try out some alternate maps and game modes

    This will be our second real attempt at getting servers full of people in a real world setting. We don’t really know what problems we’ll encounter with users getting setup and playing. As well as how effective coordinating tests through the forum will be. Basically, what do we need to do to make these playtests actually work.

    We want to capture your first impressions and feedback on the game. Coming in as a Chiv player, what did you expect and how did we nailed it, or let you down. @Rasmus started a topic specifically for this first impression feedback, you can all replay and start some discussion:

    We’ll be using mumble to help get everybody into game, but would like to test out in-game voip with as many people as possible.

    Build Notes
    Build CL: 46835

    Known Bugs

    • Reverse overheads are not supposed to work, due to a bug in the angle check they are still possible in some cases
    • First hit flinch is enabled though there is a bug that since that build has been fixed where interrupts sometimes don’t occur
    • In the Blocked state you can’t get parry up quickly enough, the rule accidentally got removed but will be fixed in the next build (some ripostes activate before you can block again without this)
    • The entropist is still very early design wise, lots of bugs
    • Alchemancer Firebeam ability is an early prototype
    • Team chat is displayed to all players
    • Vigilst Tsunami ability has no cool down time
    • Customization items will stack until the player dies
    • Tinker Orb Strike does not properly deploy, can result in being “stuck” if interrupted
    • AI Bots have broken nav meshes in most maps

    Game Areas that are not currently in testing (AKA don’t bug)

    • Level geometry/art/collision
    • In game text
    • Main menu, invites from main menu friends list
    • Entropist anything
    • Missing VO commands
    • Missing loading screens
    • Team/Class selection screens

    Who’s we think will show up!
    0_1458074237850_Who's coming.JPG

  • Mod

    Bugger. I’ll be at work. Showing a work experience kid how to play with wires haha.

  • Developer

    Below you’ll see everyone’s availability. We’re doing a formal test tonight, but the server will be up forever. if you want to self organize and hop into a match, it looks like most nights are good for quite a few people.

    0_1458141483681_Play whenever.JPG

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