What made CMW successful? Will Mirage follow?

  • I think IMHO (which may or may not be right) the things that made CMW successful are

    • Combat is more intricate
    • Realism
    • Diversity
    • Team Objectiive


    Without a doubt compared to MMORPG or other games combat is strong selling point. Real time swings, drags, lookdowns, feints, ROH add so much to the skill level that it alllows players to evolve, learn timings of opponents weapons and reach a level of combat that is not available to other games. After 2-3 years of casual play I come across the occasional player who can read feints and is almost impossible to beat one-on-one due to their deep understanding, reactions and gameplay.


    The blood, the gore, violent quick endings to combat is what the reviewers seem to like and is a high selling point of the game.


    Lots of weapons with very diffenet tactics to gamepllay per class is a strong selling point

    Team Objective

    In my opinion this is the bread and better, TO gives purpose to each game, an objective and a reason (compared to FFA or other nodes) that makes the game exciting.


    I hope these elements continue. If you can recreate the envisoned experience of Gandalf or other characters and make it seem “real” in fantasy setting I think you have a winner, but a lot will depend on the diversity of spells to create an interesting environemnt and balance to ensure something does become the obvious winner.

  • Another big selling point for me with CMW was how neither faction was definitively the “bad guys.” each faction has their own views and justifications. Mirage definitely has that too, because after reading the faction descriptions i’m still not sure who i want to support.

  • Developer

    @Its-Just-Milk said:

    Another big selling point for me with CMW was how neither faction was definitively the “bad guys.” each faction has their own views and justifications. Mirage definitely has that too, because after reading the faction descriptions i’m still not sure who i want to support.

    That’s great to hear!

    This was an important goal of ours when creating the world of Mirage :)

  • So what made Chiv successful?

    In my view the biggest factors are that it just “worked”. Ofcourse there are bugs and balance issues here and there, but across the board everything worked as intended and above all there were no gamebreaking balance issues. Needless to say this can be a bit subjective.

    Regarding your point about realism @Gregcau. I think Chivalry is indeed realistic in the sense that it does not involve magic, dragons or orks, but we can also agree that there are combat moves that would be impossible to pull off in reallife.

    Last but certainly not least, there is the games complexity. Its very simple on the surface, but there is a difference like day and night between first coming into the game and actually mastering the combat. I can think of very few other games that are so skill based (and up close and personal) as Chiv is.

  • The game looks pretty fun, I just hope negating magic effects is also skill-based, so I can run in and hack and slash heads off without worrying about some insta-kill fireball or something. I think virtually all spells should be parryable/blockable/deflectable/dodgeable. Same as melee attacks in chiv. But I’m already thinking about ways I could feint a fireball lol.

  • Developer

    @Oy this is absolutely the case and our philosophy to designing and balancing the game. The exchange based combat of chivalry is what we’re building on and even ranged attacks follow this concept when possible.

    You can mix in abilities with your melee by combing into it as naturally as combing into melee, parrying the attack will follow the same rules as the melee including the possibility to riposte off of it.

  • @Vesros sounds good, so I could riposte off of a spell into a melee attack or vice-versa? I’m glad there’s only 6 classes so far because it sounds like Deadliest Warrior where you need to learn the abilities of all classes before you can counter them. Speaking of DW, it would be cool to see the progression system with accessories and helmets as well as possible weapon skins unlocked through rank. And the small battles DW had from mutiple small teams created some fun 1v2 and 1v3 fights.

  • @Oy I think the hit trades are the best part. They really add skill to the game. Hit trading all 3 swings with my Messer. I really wish they didn’t nerf it though. I liked it better when it only took 2 overhead hit trades to kill my opponent, it was so very skillful to hit trade my way to victory. I don’t like pressing buttons more than 2 times. That’s why I was disappointed when the Messer was nerfed…

    Please Torn Banner if your reading this, nerf the long sword. It takes no skill to get 4 hits on your opponent. It takes no skill to have to drag and rainbow with a longsword. Hit trading with my Messer is clearly more skillful.

    Pls like if u cri evrtim

  • https://m.youtube.com/?#/watch?v=upkYQqbrjSc
    This song plays in my mind every time someone hit trades me 2-3 times with a Messer and manages to kill me

  • @Oy said:

    But I’m already thinking about ways I could feint a fireball lol.

    Feint a fireball, that is too funny.

  • @TBPhoenix Regarding the 6v6 scenario I think you need to think about that quite hard, one of the big selling points of CMW is the team combat, we have 12v12 and 16v16 in TO which is the main seller of the game. People love the bigger games so much you have individuals renting 64 player servers. 6v6 will change the game considerably, less epic I think, though hard to tell until we play it. One of the strong reasons larger games works for CMW is that a very good player (a rank 50 who has the skills to back up the rank) can dominate, but with 11 players on his team he cannot do it alone - 2 rank 40s can take him down, or 3 rank 30s - not exactly of course but you get what I mean). The more players the less individual skills will affect the outcome of the game, which is a good thing. Yes of course there will be unofficial servers with higher numbers (I assume that will still be possible) but its a lot harder to attract people to unofficial servers.

  • I think the Sound track plus sounds a credit to sir loin tbh, and map details with Knights off course on highest video settings.
    imo the players never seem to appreciated the level of depth to maps, Often I used to simply walk around maps
    admiring the scenery , well not in game with players during any game mode tbh.
    The Training mode also. Not sure I agree about the other stuff such as RoH because if this was so grand
    out of near 3 million sold we’d still have a larger player base left then we have now imo.
    Some players have proved like myself you can dominate scoreboards without anything but hit trades blocks
    plus footwork in first person, even fov 90!

  • TO also lets you do something other then worry about your KD. New and old players alike can go for the TO instead of a good score. My KD sucked but we WON!!!

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