Serious Sam HD

  • I just purchased this , not to brag but after checking the Store the game does look good , full of strangeness
    plus after looking I found the game within a bundle which must be an error as that costs just £6.99 while
    the Serious sam HD was £9.99 on its own? It looks like it has females dressed like father christmasses plus american football teams
    you can shoot, in the store page demo.

  • I have an old Serious Sam game on cd maybe worth installing. It’s supposedly a cool old-school shooter although I haven’t played much of the series. Painkiller is also along the same lines, worth checking out.

  • @loin All of the Serious Sam games are awesome. In fact this year Croteam is supposedly putting out the fourth game.
    People mistakenly think it plays like DOOM because of the enemy waves. But the reality is it plays more like Smash T.V.

    You enter a room, are attacked by waves, enter another room, maybe get a power up. Then more waves. Plus there are a slew of great weapons, secrets, and silly things in it. I especially love the co-op. Every player that joins your game causes the enemy numbers to multiply. If you can get 15 people to play it with you, it’s absolute insanity. Worth every penny.

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