• soo how much progs do i need to install to run this game?

  • some crapy Net Framework 4 and UEredist ;/ why i cant run the game without that crap

  • Developer

    I think UE3Redist installs .NET 4 just because it’s necessary to run UE3Redist. Unless you’re on XP, you’ve already got .NET installed on your machine, this will at most update it.

    It also installs some DirectX DLLs that aren’t included in Windows, and the MSVC redistributable, and if you’re on XP and have an AMD CPU installs a driver to solve issues with dual-core AMD CPUs. All of which are necessary to so much as run the game.

  • dont understand why this game need UEredist, becouse many games on UE3 engine dont need that

  • Developer

    It’s the standard UE3 way of installing these redistributable files. Tribes: Ascend is among other UE3 games I’ve seen use it. The engine will not run if the files aren’t installed, and UE3Redist is a one-click (or zero-click, since Steam runs it automatically) way of doing it all in one shot.

  • It’s how Steam works. I’ve been buying my games pretty much exclusively on Steam for years now, and over that period of time it’s probably installed DirectX for me several hundred times :P

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