Balance Stuff - With respect to 1vN and non-blocking classes

  • 1vN seems like a real struggle even just against bots. I was thinking as a melee character like Taurant I could crush just like in chiv with the bots being fairly dumb and all. However just the volume of attacking the enemy taurant bots put out really make for a challenge in winning in these situations, even with the abilities this is a bit of a struggle. The spike rock ability works well for this being able to hit multiple opponents and giving you access to damage at a distance. Whirlwind however is too risky for the most part in 1vN - you can use it sure and you will hit a few of them but unless they are very injured you won’t kill anything and you are instantly surrounded by trying to have used it so you’re dead. It’s even worse for a class that can’t block and you’re lucky to get even one kill. I know this is already something TB is working on from the sounds of it.

    Another big concern is classes that can’t block - for instance you can stab the enemy taurant with a dagger and punish them for bad moves toa certain extent in 1v1 but anything more and you are done - can’t fight at all. The same goes for the other non-blocking classes, at best you can kill 2 enemies in a 1v2 (with projectiles you can kill 1 before they get to you and the second once he is in close range and you back pedal etc) but that is assuming the don’t block, they don’t weave or anything to avoid projectiles, and they aren’t the best at trying to get to you fast with that second wind stuff and any other tools they have to reach you.

    Punishing enemies for making a bad attack/missing etc at the moment seems like the patient player looking to punish the spamming enemy is at a disadvantage since the spamming enemy will typically get off a hittrade and not become staggered even though the patient player was trying to hit the window where the enemy should be staggered. This is a problem for the non blocking classes who end up in a situation where they engage in melee with say a taurant since they are forced into picking opportune moments to punishing melee classes since they can’t block. The analogy is the following: Suppose you are playing chivalry and you are using your fists to fight an enemy with a sword - the only way you can win is to be patient, avoid engaging until you can hit them, stagger combo to get off more damage then when they block you need to be able to run out of range - jump out of range - duck - something then try to repeat the stagger them on when they attack and combo process. So this situation appears in mirage as a non blocking class who is forced into melee except the I feel as if the person who can block can just keep spamming and has a smaller opportunity for the person with fists (or non blocking class) to stagger them instead they just get hit for trying to stagger the enemy and be the punishing player.
    (Tl;dr: I would rather be fighting someone in fists vs weapon in chiv than a class that can block vs a class that cannot block in mirage if I am forced into melee)

    These are some balance related things I noticed while playing against bots last week when I had time to play. (I won a team objective against bots on some map with a class that couldn’t block against taurant bots the bots slaughtered me on the first objective since it was like 1v6 but then the second objective they had to transport a bomb into my palace or something and only 2 bots were spawning against me so I was just barely okay because bots are dumb and don’t use abilities and I could back pedal) I also tested each class on the testing map against bots and also played around with movement abilities a lot. My favorite way to get on top of the chandelier things was with the class who could use 2 abilities to get up there from lower than anyone else well maybe not teleport would need to test that, using the big movement one then the other one that is like a kick/movement ability you can get up on the chandelier from about halfway up the ramp to the lower hanging things near the higher chandelier things.

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