Character Models

  • So I was wondering, will you guys continue to improve on these characters, or will they stay mostly similar to what they look like in the trailer, because to me, they’re not very textured, nor do they have any character added to them. I’m assuming you will (and yes I know it’s still in its early stages), but I’m just curious.

  • We are not yet ready to discuss this feature, but soon we will have news, XOXO

  • Developer

    @Luwachamo every part of the game still has a ton of work left and nothing is finalized or polished yet so yes, there is more work to be done.

    Releasing the first piece of media for a new game is always tough as a developer cause you know it doesn’t look as good as it will once the game is ready to be released. If we didn’t do it we’d never release the game tough!

  • Developer

    This post is deleted!

  • I was just helping out. I know how to answer questions like this. Who knows developer silence better than a Half-life fan after all?

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