I don't need to know anything more about Mirage

  • TB has been very generous but Its now just a case of waiting. When I buy a new Boxset or hear of an upcoming movie
    I don’t want to know every detail or see every piece of action in spoilers. Lets all wait eagerly until Christmas, or near.
    No news is good news, loose lips sink ships, The more you know the less you want, Don’t tell em nutin TB tbh.

  • That’s fine for you Loin but personally I want a little more information before I spend money. It looks promising and I know TB is far more capable than many people give them credit for, but I’m not sold on this new game yet. We need to know if mason Maa will make a cameo appearance.

  • Well I thought I saw him on the bridge , that dodge movement forward. He /she

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