• Here’s a bit of what I’ve learned about parrying…
    Overall, my style puts footwork above the parry. Offense is better than defense, use your weapons to strike. Of course, a lot of the time you HAVE to parry, so it’s important to know how.
    I’ve read about listening for “the grunt” to not get suckered into parrying a feint, but I found that I just watch the opponent’s weapon. You have to parry against the direction of attack anyway, so focus on his weapons! Stop looking at his fancy costume!
    However, while crouching and looking up, you can parry attack from surprising angles…even behind you. But most of the time if you’ve got to that point, you’re screwed anyway.
    The biggest problem with the parry is that it turns into a reflex. We all do it- parry at nothing.
    It’s so much more intimidating to stand calmly as you’re opponent is swinging away out of range then step in and whack him.

  • said:

    while crouching and looking up, you can parry attack from surprising angles

    I am assuming the generic weak gamers don’t get access to the ini files or constantly try to cheat within the vac limits or being
    detected on the console version? Its surprising how many boarder line cases exist in this game, its only when one of them
    actually admit to it or brag about getting away with it for years. One chap who has been doing it for years despite me reporting him
    with video proof has worn out his trousers now, as I noted he was/is call voted on sight by even veterans on the officials
    even to this day the admins don’t know or suspect a thing hehe. Having a lot of exp of the ps2, I can’t quite see how they
    could get away with much considering the games console conforming to set specs and stuff. Even in what you can do with files
    if any access even allowed. Crouching to a spin at an angle was/is quite annoying , it should be removed, very animation
    breaking done very fast.

  • Crouching and blocking is as legitimate as the spinning crouching reverse overhead, I think. Even turtling with a shield. Simple to break, give him a healthy kick or two.

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