Level and Unlock Reset - Bugged

  • I was experiencing some crashes so I looked at the fixes. Verifying didn’t worked so I delete the Chivalry folder in my games. Biggest mistake I ever made. It reset everything, down from level 11 to level 0. But there is hope, I brought back the old folder and went into create a game, and HOOAH I had my stuff back. But then I went into a online server and big bang boom everything was back to level 0 no unlocks. So I repeated the process, restarted Steam, went into create a game, all my stats are back to normal, go online and PRESTO, everything got reset, except this time some of the 25 kill unlocks require 999 kills to unlock (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f … =103435136). FML. Any help on how to get my stuff back permanently?

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