Chivalry causes computer to crash

  • @cojultad Thanks. I’ll get one of the guys to check it out.

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  • Thank you. I can’t confirm that the crashed though. My monitor shuts itself off and says no signal before turning off. If I turn it back on it does the same and shuts off so I force a reboot to get everything working again. For all I know my character is still standing in the battlefield.

    All I can tell you is that the audio cuts out and my screen displays a solid color screen before turning off and this has only happened on 2 games and certain battlefields like Irilla and hillside have the highest chance of causing this.

    Thank you for looking into this though. This started happened all of the sudden and I don’t know if this is a problem on my end or the games.

  • Not to tread on toes but I recently posted about some buggy nvidia drivers 3.61 prior to that everything was ok
    After a while the new drivers would cause the screen to just go blank. No response from keyboard at all. Reboot was all
    that worked. For some reason gaming or not it would just go blank screen. I tried this on other pc’s btw, nps before
    updating nvidia driver but the problem represented itself after updating those drivers on that pc also.

    Stuff about the buggy nvidia drivers recently 3.61 are to be found on the net also. You might find by completely removing them
    to reinstall an earlier driver, then forget 3.61, try straight to 3.64. If it helps good stuff.

  • I will try anything at this point. It sounds like you might have found it. I tried to update my drivers to fix this problem but had to roll is back because it caused more problems.

    I am using an NVidia Geforce GTX 750 and the computer only does this when I play chivalry or vermintide. It has never happened outside of those 2 games. The screen isn’t necessarily blank either. I have seen it in a multitude of colors. Pink screen, white, grey, black, purple, green. If this is the problem then please tell me how to fix it.

    According to device manager I am using driver version and Driver date 12/16/2015

    I don’t have a lot of experience with this . Can you walk me through how to get the correct driver for this game?

  • said:

    GTX 750

    I made a demo of playing with the GTX750 tbh. Q3loin on utube, Turn everything to low or off in the video settings of game.
    then bsmooth to say max 36 . either your nvidia drivers a clean in stall eg remove the old drivers completely.
    The roll back is not any good really , even go for driver nvidia 3.40 some earlier one with a fresh install, check the box
    that say’s remove all drivers and fresh install . just 3 days ago I had the GTX750 in this very pc. 1 gb version evga.
    what is your driver number now anyway, its in the Nvidia panel somewhere?.

  • Just to also add if you let windows find its driver online before you downloaded and installed the nvidia drivers
    that can cause a bug, which causes your desktop to simply re appear, for eg when right clicking any shortcut for
    its properties your desktop appears again, even in a game suddenly your back at the desktop, the game is running
    in the background but not shown in the task bar. Just remember you must set those video settings all to low though.
    You should get a 50 fps game on low settings quite comfy.

  • Driver version is 361.43

    It’s a shame I have to set the graphics to low. I hope it doesn’t look too different. This won’t be necessary if I get an earlier driver right?

  • Also should I get a new video card for this or is this just a problem with specific NVidia drivers?

    I don’t want to have to play this game on the lowest settings. What would I need to run this?

  • As I suspected its those video drivers. on low settings you can still have an enjoyable game at max 50 to 60 fps on that gtx750.
    that 3.61 lot had a flaw in the drivers, Thank fully I discovered as prior the computer had a gtx 980ti in side, which I swopped
    out for a GT730 , then the blank screens started. It was almost as if some clown decided to make the driver no longer
    backwardly compata . I would suggest find an older driver from Geforce site or EVGA say 3.40’s upto 3.53? During the
    installation completely removed nvidia drivers do a clean install, make sure that horrid geforce exp is not installed also.
    An old GTX 580 or upto GTX960 (very good card that am testing the GTX960 msi 4gb at the moment)
    It really depends on your budget doesn’t it. I have even made demo’s of it using the onboard hdmi of a maxpower 87 board hehe.
    What about those GTX970’s due for a drastic price drop plus on bay atm have seen for less then £200, very low power to run .

  • Is Nvidia even aware of this problem?

    Thank you for teaching me this. I had no idea what to think when this started happening. I thought it was possibly overheating

    Alright so I just have to go to the Nvidia site and install an earlier driver. Thank you. again

    Why do you think this only happens during chivalry and vermintide? It’s just these 2 games which cause the blank screen?

  • It got so annoying even while comfy watching a netflix movie in a dark room, suddenly blank screen. This is on a few forums
    on Nvidia but these companies just don’t care. I believe its up to 3.64 now so I might be ok if you simply bypassed the 3.61.

  • I changed my driver to 352.86 and it still crashed on hillside pyre. What do I do now? Do I have to go back further? Can you link me the exact driver perhaps on Nvidia for windows 8.1?

    I still got the blank white screen on chivalry.

  • I would suggest you bsmooth maxfps 40 , check all settings are low on video settings . Was it a clean install , did you completely
    removed the old nvidia.

  • That’s what it said. It said it removed everything else and was a clean install. When given the option to do a custom install I got a box to check. I am even trying it on it driver 341.44 and that is as far back as I can go. It just crashed on Irilla

    I could set everything to low but is there some way to avoid to that? Do I really have to get sub par experience for this? Isn’t there anything I can do to get it on full, even if I have to buy another video card?

    sorry but what do you mean by bsmooth?

    Is my gtx 750 defective or something? Really. I will buy another if it comes down to that. Just to play chivalry

  • Well you no longer get the blank screen thanks to that driver problem. You know this game does crash though
    for some its often on citadel map, other maps for others, Why even if I used the game browser 3 times then
    I know a crash is due soon after, even if connected to a game. This aside with that video card its really not
    mean’t for max settings , you could try locking the FPS to bsmooth 28 fps if your going to max settings tbh.
    see how that card does then. Other wise I would have to say an old GTX580 is your best bet for max settings
    at a nice 60fps locked, a setting I often use , even on the GTX980ti .

  • No wait. I do get the blank screen. It’s as if changing my drivers did nothing. I was on irrila and the screen turned to a light purplish color then I was forced to force a reboot. It’s no different that when I had the other two drivers.

  • and as I said before the game used to run perfectly on this computer. The blank screen just kind of popped up and this was all on Nvidia GTX 750 so if drivers aren’t the problem then the card must be defective in some way. That’s a reasonable guess right?

    But that still doesn’t explain why it’s specific to this game and vermintide. This has never happened when streaming movies/ browsing the web or playing other games. It seems exclusive to this game.

  • Try it all at low eg 600*800 all low settings: You will have to find out at what point it runs quite ok.
    I have the GTX750 here, this pc actually has it inside now. Also some maps run better then others
    plus less crasses. stat fps at console on low settings let me know , later I can check mine against yours see what’s the problem etc.

  • It crashed again and this time I had everything on low or off

    Detail mode - low
    Dynamic lights - off
    Dynamic shadows - off
    Bloom - off
    Depth of field -off
    vertical sink- off
    motion blur - off
    particle quality - low
    Character quality - low

    So even with those settings it will make it so I have to reboot. It crashed to a purple screen then went black and said my monitor had no signal.

    Did my graphics card become defective? I don’t know why it would only impact chivalry.

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